Enemies: Part Two

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"Okay. So today is the day I'll be doing my mission taking down the Jenner's" as you said to yourself internally while looking at the mirror.

Your best friend walked to the room holding a folder. "You are looking nice, this my first time seeing you in a what you call a 'peasant clothing'. My gosh, I'm like a pround parent" she teases as she wipes a fake tear in her cheek.

"Oh shut up, let's just get this over with" you said with an attitude

"Stop with that attitude of yours. Remember you're an assistant for today, so quit with the attitude you're giving me right now Y/AN" (Your Another Name)


"It's your fake name remember?"

"Oh right."

"Also remember, you came to fuck her --- not literally but I know you, you might even dare. Aaaanyway, what I mean is you are here to bring her company down and know her every move, okay?" she said as we almost at the parking spot of my car.

"Wait. This isn't my car."

"Of course, you jughead" as she smack the back of my head "It's my car, I'll let you borrow it. You can't just use a 100 million dollars car going to her company, everyone will suspect you immediately."

"Righttttt" you said agreeing with her "What would I do without you?" As you cooed at her

"Here's the keys, be careful. If you break it, I'll break your face too." As she gave me her key reluctantly.

"Oh are you now threatening your boss?" you teased and she just gave me a dead look. You chuckled and said "I will, I will. Bye" you wave as you entered the car and drove off.


As you drove you see their 50 floor building with the "K&J" as their symbol at the top. As you look at your watch you are 30 minutes early but as you entered the parking lot, it happened that there are no parking space you can see. So you spent time looking for one as you supposed to and when you look at your watch you are already 10 minutes late. So, you parked your car, and immediately went to an elevator going to the lobby. As you reached the lobby, you ran up to the information and asked where you can find Ms. Kendall Jenner, she responded that she's in a conference room right now and you just run your way to the elevator without looking back. The worst part is when you step inside the elevator, it made a sound causing everyone inside to look at you. So you step aside and panicked.

You immediately asked the nearby guard to point you towards the stairs. Bad thing you don't do much cardio exercise, so you are a not in hell confident about running your way through the stairs but you just adjust your clothes a bit so it won't rip as you run, 'cause you have no choice.

You run as fast as you can --- you did everything you can give as if it's a life or death situation. Then when you're almost done running because damn, you're only on the 3rd floor and you have 20 more floors till you make it --- your lungs are already at it's edge, your knees are goddamn shaking so you somewhat crawled your way up this time.

You talked to yourself, "When was the last time you jogged?" as you reached the 23th floor you soothed your clothes as you open the door.

You know you looked like a hot mess right now but, who cares. You still walked out with confidence written on your face but your legs are still a little bit shaken.

You walked over to an employee and asked, "Where can I find Ms. Kendall?"

"Uh, she's having a meeting right now at that conference room." he pointed to door that has a 'Conference Room' written on it. "So I suggest you wait outside because she doesn't like to be interrupted" he continued so you just nod and waited near the door.


Kendall's POV

This is so boring, this presentation sucks. I look at my watch and saw it's 8 o'clock already and my assistant should be in my office around 7:00 o'clock but before I left my office she hasn't arrived yet but I bet she's there now.

As the guy finishes I just dismissed them and told him to pass it later in my office so I can check it more thoroughly. Haha. Check my ass.

Everyone was leaving the room and I just left there sitting while I put my head down on the table --- thinking. As my eyes getting heavy a knock was heard and actually I was pissed because I wanted to sleep but, what I saw by the door was a hypothetically and literally speaking a hot mess. 'Cause damn, I'll fu-Oh my mom, Kendall what in the world. You should be mad but I can't he/she's too hot and cute, how is that even possible --- no, shut u- my thoughts were stopped by someone speaking.

"Um, hello... I'm Y/AN. Your assistant" he/she said as he/she cautiously walk inside but I just stared at him/her or *cough* checking her out. God, he/she's so hot. Okayyyy self enough with that --- focus.

I stand and just said "follow me to my office"

skip. (to Kendall's office)

He/She just sat there in front of me with those pretty eyes of him/her looking straight at me. Uh, take note we just entered and we just sat to this mini lounge set up. Also no one spoke yet. Why am I like this as if I was stunned and frozed by Y/AN.


"You-" "Do-" we said at the same time and we both stop and smiled to ourselves but I did my best to hide it and form my resting-bitch face again. As I look back at him/her he/she was just smiling at me, this is getting intense --- he/she's too distracting for me.

Wait. Self. Have some decency, this feels like first going on a 'date' but, this isn't I should be getting mad because he's/she's late, yes, right, I should be. I inhaled and as I opened my mouth this came out.

"Are you single?" shit. just shit. "I just wanted to make sure because I don't like when my assistant has other commitments, I only want them to commit to me --- I mean to the company" hopefully that worked.

"ah of course..." he/she trailed off and awkwardly continued "I mean yes, I am" he/she just gave me a small smile. I stand up shaking my head, trying to refocus myself.

"Ah, Y-Y/AN right?" he/she nodded, "You can go home now" wanting to get rid of him/her for now.

"Are you sure?" he/she said with a hint of him/her worrying

"Yes! Are you now questioning me?" I snapped "O-of course not" he/she stuttered "Well then, go!" I shouted as he/she scurried away but I saw a hint of hurt in his/her face, Oh how I felt guilty about it now.

I just sat there and rethink what I did. Did I made the right decision of hiring him/her? or not? Also Jenner why you became all softie??? Didn't know you got it in you?


Very sorry if I skip too much, I'm just very lazy. Part two, Kendall got a bit weirder around you and you seem like really nice assistant here lmao.

Heniwey, hope you vote and like this part. Thank you so much for waiting and sorry because, I was having some personal issues lately. Please send prayers.

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