10k Special Read [Part 12]

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1. Sugino

2. Ren

3. Nagisa

4. Chiba

5. Karma

6. Maehara

7. Reader

8. Nakumura

9. Irina Sensei

10. Karasuma Sensei

11. Kataoka

12. Hayami

13. Terasaka

14. Muramatsu

15. Kuurochii

16. Itona

17. Kimura

18. Kayano

19. Isogai

20. Kanzaki

21. Asano

22. Koro Sensei

23. Kurahashi

24. Okajima

District Placements

1. District6
2. District3
3. District1
4. District7
5. District9
6. District8
7. District2
8. District12
9. District11
10. District4
11. District5
12. District10


4: Karma
3: Reader
1: Irina Sensei
1: Ren
1: Itona
1: Sugino
1: Kanzaki
1: Nagisa  

AUTHOR'S LONG NOTE: Gahhh! I hope you had fun! Honestly, I expected Karma or you to win! I had so much hope for you to win but when Karma bet you I was crying inside. When Karma was crying himself to sleep that was so precious and adorable.

I promise you I won't do something this cruel next time again! Sorry for the spam and I hope you enjoyed it. Personally, I've done more and I found this Hunger games round very boring. There was not hatchets or dying from thirst. There was not much action.

I want to thank you for the 10K reads! I really enjoy making the angst for you and hello new readers! Some of you know that I love writing angst but I've stopped for a while. I really hope you love my stories as much as I do.

Recently, I've been inactive because I don't have any ideas. Please request me lol for some ideas. Thank you and I hope to aim 100 chapters! I'm so excited and thank you very much! I am thankful as I remembered in September 23rd 2017 I was at 1K and then October 1st I was at 1.5K. My first fanfic (which isn't this one and was unpublished, I will remake it) was published in July 23rd. I haven't been on wattpad long and I've met many people and gotten support from many readers.

I know my writing is not really good (I personally think so), I'm so sorry for the gramatical errors, looking back to my old chapters I feel like I've

Sugino the winner of our Hunger games will receive a very long fanfic, you can brainstorm some ideas!

- Kuurochii

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