Are You Okay?

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(A/N: (Y/N) is wearing the dress above and this is back to when (Y/N) was 14 and the boys were younger then her)

Y/N's P.O.V

It was a very stressful day today. I just finished two six pages essay that were given to me today and do tomorrow, I also had homework from Father since he wanted to test me about business and see if I was ready. So he gave me l ten pages of business questions and packets I had to read on business and I had to get a A+ on all of these or Father wouldn't be proud of me. I sighed and rubbed my temples but then got right back to work.

*Time skip*

The time I had finished all of my homework it was almost lunch time and I started my schoolwork once I woke up in the morning or night. Vampire Time was freaking confusing a lot of the time. I sighed and stood up and slowly put my school work away. Once I did that I walked out of my room and down be halls into the living room to see that Mother had made of the many butlers in the manor flirt with her as he brushed her hair. I sighed and walked into the room making my presence known. Mother turned and saw me and faked a smile.

 Mother turned and saw me and faked a smile

"(Y/N)! Come and brush my hair, my dear." She said and I faked a smile and walked over to her.
"Of course, Mother." I said and began to brush her hair. Once I was done brushing and styling her long purple hair she wanted to brush my hair. She pulled a grabbed the brush and I sat on the floor in front of her. She gently began to brush my hair and faked smiled as she did.
"Your going to take over the Thorne when your older and that makes me very happy to hear. My eldest child and only daughter of Karl Heinz is going to take over the throne and then Karl will finally love me." Mother said with a smirk and I nodded along and pretend to love her plan.

Once she was done she gently sat a tan hat with a pale purple ribbon tied around it on my head.
"Would you be a dear and go play with your full blooded brothers?" She said and I nodded and stood up. I bowed in respect and kissed her cheek. She had told me to kiss her cheek every time before I left. Why I don't know. I really do love Mother it's just that she doesn't know the difference between love and lust. And she isn't really a good and strong motherly figure the boys and I need.

I walked out of the room and into the garden to see the boys playing tag. I walked up behind them as they took a break and I gently tapped Ayato's shoulders and he turned around causing Laito and Kanato to turned around as well.

"Sis!" They yelled and hugged me tightly

"Sis!" They yelled and hugged me tightly. I giggled and hugged back.
"Hello, boys." I said happily.
"Wanna play tag with us?" Ayato asked me with puppy dog eyes.
"Sure!" I said with a smile. They grabbed my hands and dragged me with them over to a near by tree.
"Okay, Teddy and I will be it and the rest of you will get five second head start." Kanato said a with smile and I nodded and patted his head gently.
"Good luck, Kanato and Teddy." I said and he nodded and smiled. We all started to run our separate ways and we all heard Kanato running after us.

After a while of running I made it easier for Kanato it catch me. He went after Ayato but he tripped over a rock and skinned his knee pretty badly.

Ayato, Laito and I rushed over to Kanato as he cried about his knee

Ayato, Laito and I rushed over to Kanato as he cried about his knee.
"Are you okay?" I asked and he shook his head no. I quickly but gently picked him and teleported inside the manor. I sat him softly on the counter of the sink and grabbed washcloth for the closet. I poured isopropyl alcohol on the washcloth and began to clean Kanato's wound. He held my hand tightly and cried out in pain because of the burning of the isopropyl alcohol. Once I was done cleaning his wound I wrapped a small bandage around his knee and softly kissed his wound.
"Now it will get all better." I said happily.
"Are you an angel?" Kanato asked with a small blush and I smiled. 
"Sure. My kisses are magical that's why I kiss your guys wounds because then they can heal faster." I said with a smile and Kanato looked at me in awe. I laughed and ruffled his light purple hair that was just like mine. Ayato and Laito has gone back to playing outside.

Kanato thanked me and kissed my cheek and I smiled at his cuteness. He and I spent of the rest of the hour singing Scarborough fair on the railing of second floor and looking at the sky and the clouds.

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