Chapter 10

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Arthur's POV

Warmth. My eyes slowly open as I fight the pull of sleep. Blinking, I humm in contentment as I feel a comfortingly warm presence pressed against my back. Turning over slightly, I come to face an adorably asleep Alfred. His pink lips are parted slightly as soft breaths escape his mouth, and his golden hair, highlighted by the sunlight peeking through the windows, is strewn messily across his pillow. His bare chest moves rhythmically as he sleeps soundly, creating an almost surreal sight. He's so gorgeous. Not being able to resist, I quickly peck his lips, accidentally awakening him.

"Sorry," I murmur as his blue eyes flutter open tiredly.

He smiles at me groggily. "Don't be. That's the best way to be woken up."

I laugh a little in reply before kissing him again, longer than before. Slowly pulling away, I press myself against the shirtless American and place my head underneath his chin, snuggling against his hot (both physically and temperature wise) body. We didn't do anything the night before when we got back here, except for a rather heated make out session in the bed.

"You're so perfect," I hear him murmur into my hair before kissing my head gently.

I leave a wet kiss on his neck. "Nope, you are."

He laughs tiredly and kisses me longingly, as if I'm all he wants. The thought makes my heart race. Continuing with the kiss, I tangle my hands in his soft locks as the kiss becomes more demanding than gentle. I don't mind.

"Arthur!" My dad calls out from downstairs, interrupting us and killing the mood.

Sighing heavily I return, "Yeah?"

"Breakfast! You and your boyfriend come eat!" I blush a little at the boyfriend comment. "Oh, and if you had sex, you'll need to wash your own sheets! I ain't touching that shit!"

I avoid eye contact with Alfred as the thought of having sex enters my mind. It's not an unattractive thought, but it still makes me feel dirty minded. I hear Alfred laugh quietly at the redness of my face, and he kisses my forehead quickly before hauling the both of us out of bed.

After finding some clothes, we both head downstairs, hand in hand. My dad sits at the table with a cup of coffee in front of him and the sheriff to his right. The sheriff and Alfred share a knowing look, but I blow it off as I hear my stomach growl loudly. Laughing, my dad gets up and starts to fix two plates full of eggs and bacon for Alfred and I. After placing the plates in front of us, my dad goes and sits down on the sheriff's lap, making me quirk an eyebrow in confusion. Are they a thing? My question is confirmed as they share a quick kiss before sipping their individual cups of coffee.

My thoughts are interrupted as Alfred chokes on his food. "You guys are a thing!?" He asks bewildered, regaining use of his airways.

I giggle at his expression and pat his back gently as my dad and the sheriff laugh heartily. Calming down, Alfred leans over and pecks my cheek quickly in thanks, making me blush.

"Oh gimme a real kiss," I murmur quietly before pulling him into a long kiss.

My hands cup his face as our tongues wrestle hotly. His hand makes its way to my thigh and squeezes it gently making me squirm slightly.

Suddenly I'm hit with something, making me jump away in surprise.

"No sex at the table!" My dad loudly proclaims. I look down to see one of my father's shoes lying on the floor at an odd angle.

"Did you just throw a shoe at me?" I ask bewildered, ignoring Alfred and the sheriff, who are falling over themselves laughing.

He simply shrugs in reply and goes back to sipping his coffee while sitting on Allen's lap. I roll my eyes and quickly finish the rest of my breakfast. Once Alfred finishes his food, the sheriff stands up slowly.

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