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(y/n)'s P.O.V

I was playing with my (F/C) ball when some of the purple dragons came over. "oh look what we got here boys, a little girl with a (F/C) ball how adorable, NOT!" Hun said poping my ball with a needle "hey that wasn't very nice" I pouted "shut it wimp" another boy said, "why are you being so mean?" I asked, "cause we can!" Hun said as he slapped me "owww! *sniffle*" I screamed "hey leave her alone" a boy with rollerblades and a hockey stick shouted as he skated over to were we where " if it isn't Casey Jones," Hun said walking up to him "what you ganna do play night and save your princes!" a boy with green hair said laughing "NO BUT I WILL DO THIS" he said as he smacked them all upside the head with a tone of hockey pucks knocking them out "are you ok?" he asled as he came closer to me ".......... gracias por salvar." i said

Casey's P.O.V

what did she say "what did you say" i asked "oh yeah sorry i said thank you for saving me" she said "dont thank me its my job" i said helping her up "So were do you go to school?" i asked "rosavelt park ellamentry, you?" she asked "same so you wanna be friends?" i asked her "yeah sure" shre said "(Y/N) diners ready!" someone yeld "oh got to go see you in school!" she shouted "by (Y/N)" I said " by Casey" she said and left 'shes cute for a girl'

(Y/N)'s P.O.V

'hes cute for a boy'


hi loves sorry for not posting in a long time ive just been bizzy but i jhave new books!

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