Part 7

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My guards surrounded me, pushing people out of the way so that I could make it to the royal jet. And finally I did, but not before hearing all of the ridiculous questions people were asking.

"Princess! What's going on between you and the prince Allan?"

"Princess why are you being brought back to court? What's going on?"

I inwardly groaned, but hey I'm a princess and when you are a princess this is what you get.

I sighed climbing into the jet, to be greeted by my old pilot.

"Oh hi Mikey", I greeted him.

He bowed and replied," Hello princess"

And without further adieu we took off. I stared out the window of the jet, loving the way the fields made the land look like a patchwork blanket. A sudden jolt in the jet, brought me back to reality.

I looked up to see Mikey slumped in the front of the jet.

"Mikey!", I yelled. But when he didn't look back like he always did, I began to get worried. I crawled out of my seat and to the front of the plane to see that Mikey was, No longer of service.

For a minute I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I was taught at young age that death was the way of life, my father used tell me every night that, people will come and people will go but their presence shall always be remembered.

So instead I grabbed the now dead Mikey and shoved him into the back of the jet where I had been sitting. I didn't even have to look to know that he had been shot. On instinct I put up an air and water sheild around the air craft, praying to any god that was out there that the person that had attacked didn't have an element.

Noticing that we had veered off course I recalculated the distance from the castle and began to turn around, when I felt something or someone try to peirce my shield, for safety I put up a fire shield as well.

Something kept trying to peirce the shield, and I could feel my energy burning. But finally I caught sight of the castle. I finally saw home.

I began to land the jet but soon remembered that I still had the sheilds up, caustiously I began to lower them. And finally the plane landed and the hum of the engines were cut off.

As I stepped off the plane, servants began rushing around. Taking my bags from me and checking for injuries. But there was one servant girl who didn't move. She looked at me with pleading eyes saying the one word that I knew I didn't want to answer.

"Mikey?" I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to say, so I did the only thing I could do, I shook my head and with that simple gesture, I ruined her life. I watched as the terror came into her eyes, as she slowly fell to the ground, crying out for him. I saw an old servant woman staring at me and then looking back to the girl who was now on the ground screaming in agony. I nodded my head and with that, the old woman left and walked to the girl, to comfort her and sooth her, with a mother's touch.

I felt as if I was intruding by just standing there and that was something I couldn't do, I had my own pain to deal with and I couldn't stick around to watch someone elses. I turned to walk away hut before I had the chance, I heard a familiar voice call out to me, my twin brother, Cowen was home.

"Leaving so soon, are you? Princess Saphiaira", my brother asked, using the nickname he had used since we could first talk.

But before I could reply, painful memories came rushing back to me and when I did reply my voice was filled with venom.

"Not any sooner than you did, little brother", I replied.

"I had my reasons for leaving, little sister," he replied in a stern voice.

I can't believe he would use that nickname after not talking to me, not replying to my emails or even my letters for the last four years. He doesn't have the right to call me that anymore, no one does. And now he expects me to just be ok with him coming back after four years?! Ok well I've got four words for you Brother, I DON'T THINK SO. Ugh grr now he's got me all mad and now I have to go see father.

Quickly I spun on my heal and didn't turn back as I walked away from my twin and towards the palace, completely ignoring the sound of my twin brothers voice.

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