Fallin' Up ~ 8 {Jaebum FF}

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"I know.." You said slowly glancing at the closet and then back at Jackson.

"Good. And by the way, I have to hang out with Yugyeom for a day to see what kind of man is going to be in your life." Jackson says looking at you and you rolled your eyes.

"Yah! We were just having a cute sister brother moment and you just had to ruin it," You said nudging Jackson and he smiles.

Jackson chuckles and gets up from your bed.

"I'm sorry... Anyways I'll let you go to sleep.... After all, we had a long fun day today," Jackson says as he approaches the door and you nodded. You were about to let Jackson leave your room but you wanted to say something before he left.

"Jackson," You called out and he stopped from walking and looked over at you.

'Yes," He answers and you smiled

"Thank you for being a good brother," You smiled and a huge smile spread across his face. You did mean that.

"Anytime," Jackson says as he winks over at you and after that being said he left your room and closed the door behind him.

You stood there sitting down waiting as you hear his footsteps walk away. You got up and walked your way to the closet finding Jaebum crossing his arms just sitting there looking right at you.

"Yugyeom and you huh.." He whispers and you gave him a glare. You already knew that Jaebum must have gotten jealous when Jackson brought up Yugyeom.

"You know it's not real." You whispered back to Jaebum as he got up from the floor from your closet but he just crossed his arms.

"Hmm." Ah, this boy...

"Is someone jealous?" You questioned him smirking and he looks away and then back at you.

"No.." Jaebum blurts out looking away avoiding eye contact and you couldn't help but smirk. It was cute to see this side of Jaebum.

"Mmmh," you responded back walking away and he grabs your hand and makes you turn and you were now facing him.

"I don't want you with anyone but me," he says and he pulls you into a kiss. You pulled away and pin your forehead against his. Moments like this were absolutely perfect. You were about to comment back but you suddenly began to hear footsteps in the hall... It was probably time for Jaebum to start heading out.

"You should probably start heading home, I'm getting pretty tired." You said yawning and he pouts.

"Ah tired of me already?" He says dramatically as he placed a hand on his chest and you playfully rolled your eyes.

"Eh kind of," you teased him and he pretended to get offended causing you to giggle.

You both gave each other one last kiss and from that point on, he opened the window and was slowly climbing down the tree sneaking out of your room.


Ugh just when you thought you could maybe sleep in today, you were completely wrong. You felt the sunlight hitting your eyes making you open your eyes by force. You sat up and looked at your window. One thing you did forget to do before going to sleep is close the curtains... Damn it... Yesterday was a long day and today was a perfect day to catch up on some sleep.

You did your normal morning stretch which was stretching your arms up and do a dramatic yawn and of course, practically drag yourself out of your bed. Ugh, why are you awake?

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