Fallin' Up ~ 8 {Jaebum FF}

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"When two people really care about each other, they will always look for a way to make it work, no matter how hard it is."

Summary: Being someone's little sister is hard.... especially when you have an older brother who has a best friend you have a huge crush on and you can't do anything about it... But little do you know he has a crush on you as well. What will happen?

Swearing Involved


He lifted you up putting his hand on your bum but you didn't even care. He slowly walked pinning you against the wall while you two began to kiss but he kind of slammed you into the wall making a picture frame fall and making you two laugh...

Louder than expected... For a second the both of you forgot you two had to remain quiet...

You heard a knock on your door and your eyes widen. Jaebum gently puts you down and you covered his mouth from panicking. Jaebum just stared at you and you looked at the door.

"Y/N? What is going in there?" You hear Jackson ask you from the other side of the door.



"Nothing," was the first thing that slipped out of your mouth and Jaebum just looks at you still smirking. He was finding whole situation funny but it was a serious matter especially if Jaebum gets caught.

"Can I come? I need to talk to you," Jackson says from the other side of the door and your eyes widen. Why does he want to come in? Ugh, Jackson... Why now?

"Go to the closet," you whispered to Jaebum and he sighs. You were expecting Jaebum to maybe argue back however he listens to you regardless.

"Fine," he mumbles lowly and you watched him walk his way to the closet and he quietly closes the door. Good.

"Come in," You said as soon as the coast was clear. You sat down on the edge of your bed and watched Jackson walk into your room.

"What are you up to?" Jackson asks as he walked over to you and you tried your hardest to remain calm.

"Um.. nothing just sitting here.." You said awkwardly. Ugh, can you be any more obvious? Here you are telling yourself to act normal but just the way you are responding is clear you are hiding something.

"I see that.." Jackson says looking over at you and all you could do was smile.

"Anyways, what did you want to talk about?" You asked Jackson hoping it had nothing to do with guys or relationships...

"Well, I know Yugyeom and you have been dating for some time now.." Oh god here comes the brotherly talk. Just as you thought it was cause maybe Jackson was bored in his room... You were right he wanted to talk about guys and relationships.

"And?" You said waiting for him to talk furthermore.

"And I came here to tell you to be careful with that boy. I mean I see Yugyeom has good intentions toward you, but still... He's a guy and he is capable of hurting you. If he hurts you in any way, you come and tell me and I will hurt him." You've heard Jackson tell you this so many times. At first, it was cute but now you get the point.

"Jackson I know.." You mumbled and he smiles.

"Good just making sure. You are my little sister and I will kill anyone who hurts you." Jackson says and you smiled. As much as Jackson can be a protective brother, you loved that you could always count him. Jackson will never let you down and you know that for a fact.

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