The Drums [DW]

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Do you hear them,

The beating drums?

I have heard them,

Those four beats,

Everyday of my life.

Can you feel it?

Where your heart and brain meets,

The never-ending drums,



Harsh against your chest?

Mad, mad, driven halfmad,

Poisoned mind of an empty soul.

A fragile child I was,

The tender age of eight,

Standing there I was,

Shaking with fear and hate.

My eyes touched the Schism,

It crept into my mind,

And spoke to me.

With no thoughts,

Or mouth to speak from,

It used no words,

Just the drums.

One, two, three, four.

The drumming in my ears,

Rooted in my conscious.

Never to let go.

They never stopped,

And I never forgot.

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