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JaeBull changed the chat's name to: What the flying fuck Jinyoung?

JaeBull: w h a t

JaeBull: t h e

JaeBull: f l y i n g

JaeBull: f u c k

Dab101: 🐍🐍

PeachesAndCream: hA

Yugfuh: u gOT PUNK'D

Dandelion: wait wat

JaeBull left the chat!

Yugfuh added JaeBull to the chat!

Yugfuh: I can't believe u guys fell for it 😂

JaeBull: u lil shits

ISawLiamPayne: hOW DARE U?!!!?!

SilentlyJudging; hope u guys choke on a chocolate chip cookie 🖕🏻🖕🏻

Nyoung: I am actually disappointed

Nyoung: I can't believe u guys believed I could do that to my lil son ;(


Yugfuh; when r u guys coming back?

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Yugfuh; when r u guys coming back?

ISawLiamPayne: idk maybe in 2 days 🤷🏻‍♂️

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