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Chapter 1

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"Ruth dear?" I hear Mrs Willfield call out to me, from not far away.

I mark the page and close the book, carefully and quietly standing up from the couch I was sitting down for the past two hours, I silently make my way towards the librarian.

"Yes?" I smile warmly towards the kind old lady.

Her kind eyes twinkle back towards me. "I went out the store for a cup of warm coffee down the street and I thought you could do with a hot drink, lemon tea your favourite, isn't it? a perfect drink for a rainy weather like this". She quickly rushes out staring out the window pushing her glasses up her nose, she then pushes the drink firmly into my hands before rushing over to a child jumping up and down, reaching his hands up who seem to need help getting a book down from one of the tall shelves.

I stand there flush with embarrassment as I comprehend what just happened, I awkwardly stand on the spot before snapping out of my trance, I make my way back to the couch I was sitting down just a few minutes ago.

I pick back up my book and start from where I finished, taking a small sip of the lemon tea scared of getting my tongue burnt. I didn't like it when my tongue got burnt the aftermaths left a weirdo scratchy tingly feeling to my tongue.

"Mmm. Thank you Mrs Willfield." I mumble quietly.

Turning back to my book 'Romeo and Juliet' I snuggle back against the sofa getting comfy.

Engrossed in the book, a sudden thump on the window scared me, letting out a small squeal I almost immediately blush brightly with the numbers of eyes that turned towards me. I quickly duck my head, embarrassed from the attention.

I turn my head, curious of what made the noise, my eyes trail around a small circle in the middle of the glass window, seemingly looking like it was made by an force of impact, I trail my eyes further down towards the ground to see a little sparrow fluttering around in the rain on the ground helplessly.

"Wha-what...oh my gosh" I gasp my hand flying to my mouth. I quickly get up, leaving everything behind on the couch. I run out the door, rain pelting down harder than ever, I squint my eyes to adjust, I then scan around searching for the window I sat at. I quickly spot the right one and run towards the window, jumping over the long grass and bushes, the side my hairs sticks to my face covering my eyes, I bring my hair to the side impatiently, I crouch down towards the injured bird, grabbing it softy I bring it to my chest.

Suddenly I felt like I was being watched, watched by not only one but multiply eyes.

I look up to see a group of five big muscly men in the parking lot at the back of the library, about 150 feet away, giving off dangerous vibes. Out of the five guys one of them stood out, he was the tallest and the most muscliest person I ever saw in my past 19 years of life.

I see him sniff the air and turn my way mouthing something I didn't quite hear.

"who smells the air these days, weirdooo" I giggle under my breathe.

A loud booming of laughter echos through the parking lot I look around to see two guys with blonde hair laughing heads off, one clutching his stomach and the other hitting the dark brown haired guy on the back, who looked fed up with their attitude, smacked the one who was hitting him behind his head.

That's when I met his piercing blue eyes, I couldn't find a way to look away, I felt caught in a trap, happiness and the feeling of safety washed over me, I shyly look down embarrassed by this feeling, but my head whips back up by a loud growl that radiates across the car park, taking me out from the trace I was in. I fearfully look around to see where the growl came from but a little peck on my hands brings me back to reality, I was drenched head to toe, still holding the injured bird in my hand. I panic, What happens if the bird dies of hypothermia? I thought, wait-wait can birds get hypothermia I wondered. I ran back into the library just incase, I turn my head to look back towards the guys one last timewho were still standing out in the rain looking towards me before I am greeted by the warmth of the library. I make my way towards the library to pack my stuff.

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