Is There a Moral to this Story?

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Take a good look around and

If you're lookin' down

Put a little love in your heart.


In 1964, the Audrey II, the Flux Capacitor, the Jack Finney and the Light of Lo remained cloaked and waited for the HG Wells.

Carmen stared out at the far side of the moon as the Audrey II remained in geostationary orbit. "Communications chatter should be kept to a minimum while we're near Earth in '64. We need to confer about what we are going to do. And we can't all just beam down to the Earth without creating some sort of major pariotric change. Kevin could pass, with a little work, but not Otra. We need a place where we can breathe the air and meet, where the people have Warp Drive."

Crystal looked up from her PADD. "How 'bout Rura Penthe?"


"We could stay on the surface, and use the ships' engines to stay warm, right, Levi?" He nodded, as she continued, "and then we'll just, well, we won't stay long. It shouldn't affect the timeline at all, right? I mean, they might notice a few ships landing, but we wouldn't stay. And don't they sometimes get ships landing briefly, to maybe cool overheating engines, or stuff like that, but then those ships just leave again?"

"Perhaps," Carmen said cautiously, "Plus I doubt that the Walkers would try anything funny there. After all, escaping into Rura Penthe would be the height of stupidity."


The Wells flew to 1964. "I can barely feel the ship moving," Milena said. She touched her scalp. "And I even have hair again. The future is full of marvels."

"We've still got loneliness, pain and disease," Polly said, "and we'll be heading back to a war zone."

"Don't forget greed, we've still got greed," Rick added, "I think that's a big part of the motivation for the Walkers." He explained the situation with the Perfectionists to Milena.

"They, well, I cannot say as I fully blame them," she replied, "for didn't you just do the same when you rescued me?"

"Not exactly," Rick said, "there aren't a lot of changes that can be made by taking someone off their deathbed, and then disappearing with them. The most affected people are Noemy and Pawel, and maybe the Prague Coroner. But there's no, well, there wouldn't have been an open casket funeral, right?"

"Richard, I am surprised you do not know this!" Milena exclaimed, "We don't do such things in our faith."

"See," Polly said, "you have things to teach us. It's not all a one-way street, eh? Hey, we're at '64."

"Daniels to Calavicci."

"Right on schedule," Carmen replied, "We're off to Rura Penthe to make our plans and not make too much Communications chatter over a pre-Warp world."

"Carmen, I've got a passenger," Rick confessed.

"Hang on," Carmen said. She tapped her ear a couple of times to switch channels. "Calavicci to D'Angelo."

From the Jack Finney, Otra answered, "Yes?"

"Have you felt any changes lately?"

"No," Otra said, "not a one. Why do you ask?"

"Just confirming something, thank you."

"Wait, Carmen!" It was Deirdre.


"I actually, I guess it's a change, but I remember Bruce Ishikawa again."

"That's got to be a relief. Calavicci out," Carmen tapped her ear and switched back, "It appears any changes you have made have been purely otric in nature, save one – and that one restored something that was missing. So I believe your passenger may actually belong here. Let's talk on Rura Penthe. Ta until then."

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