I'm Not Dealing with that Harpy

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You don't own me,

Don't try to change me in any way.

You don't own me,

Don't tie me down 'cause I'd never stay.

– Lesley Gore (You Don't Own Me)


In 2192, on our side of the pond, they felt it, although they did not know what they were feeling. "Rick is out there, on the other side," Lili said, "with that guy Tom."

"And they are there because of you, I'll wager," Malcolm said to Helen. She swallowed hard, knowing that she didn't have any friends there, and that Daniels, if and when he returned, was probably going to find a way to bring her and her father to justice.


On the Audrey II, Levi turned to look at Carmen and Crystal, "I have an idea for how to deal with the Varg-i-yeh."

"Oh?" asked Carmen.

"It's kind of like a Tholian web. But we'll generate it with pulse shots."

"That'll create a spatial interphase if we do it wrong," Carmen pointed out.

"I'm kinda counting on that."


The temporal change crossed over to the mirror and it was like a bomb had been detonated. And in the new reality, which suddenly jumped the track to become the primary timeline, Izo instantly appeared on the Calafan shuttle. And, in his place, on the Wells, was instead his newly-restored eldest brother, Jun.

Deirdre felt, rather than heard anything, and turned around, "Who the hell are you?" she asked.

"I got the same question, girl," Jun replied.

Milton just looked around, bewildered. Rick turned around slowly. If what had happened that he thought had happened, he was suddenly in the wrong place at the wrong time. He saw cheekbones and a hairline that matched his own. "Jun?"


Rick sighed. "These aren't exactly the circumstances I was planning on."


"Yeah," Rick said, "frankly, I'm not allowed to be here at all. And you've been told that I died in a shuttle crash on Daranaea. You and I, uh, we share genetics."

"Yeah, right," Jun snorted.


Yilta's computer did not register the actual temporal shift, but she did notice that the readings had changed. "What the –?" Suddenly, there was one extra human biosign out there, and Izo had been moved.


On the Calafan shuttle, they did not fail to take notice of the change. Izo looked up in surprise. "What the hell is going on?" he snarled.

Seizing the opportunity, Josh Rosen had unsheathed his phaser. "Pay attention, Izo," he said, "and you won't get hurt."


The Empress remembered. "Ritchie!" she yelled. "Contact the Wells!" she commanded Tom.

He checked a panel, ignoring her for the moment. He, too, had sensors, and could see the biosigns that were on the other ships, and that they had played a cosmic game of musical chairs. He hesitated.

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