I Now Remember that Fellow Daniels

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You don't own me,

I'm not just one of your pretty toys.

You don't own me,

Don't say I can't go with other boys.

– Lesley Gore (You Don't Own Me)


In 1964, on our side of the pond, Carmen and Crystal watched Andrew Goodman, Mickey Schwerner and James Chaney drive away. "They won't even make it 'til midnight," Carmen said wearily, "I do so hate letting good people die."

"It's for the sake of the timeline," Crystal said, "and for the sake of our species. We are – our ancestors – they are going to be outraged by this. As well they should be. And they will build a better future. But they won't get a chance to do that if the outrage never happens. We have to let the outrage happen."


On the Jack Finney, Kevin said, "I saw and heard the Ferengi talking right about the time we were evacuating. And one of 'em, Von, he said he had a different means of temporally traveling."

"So they don't need a time ship?" HD asked.

"It's not just that," Sheilagh said, "but it sounds to me like it would be something the Perfectionists would really like. And the Ferengi are, as we all know, motivated by profit. I bet whatever the invention was; it was sold to the Perfectionists."

The statement hung in the air for a moment. "That would mean Von is one of 'em," Kevin said. He began to click around on his PADD furiously, until he found what he was looking for. Finally! It was personnel files, with photographs. He pulled up the ID photo of Von. "You ever seen this guy?" he asked Branch.

"Yes," Branch replied, "and this individual was speaking with – we could not hear the other half of the conversation – but it was apparent that the one on the other side of the line was one of your enemies."

"We got him," Kevin said, "Holy cow, but we got him."

"Assuming this is all accurate," Sheilagh said, "Hey, it looks like we're at '64."

"I bet we could call Levi on the Audrey II," HD said.

"No," Kevin said, "no chatter on the comm. We don't want anyone overhearing us or thinkin' whatever we're saying is somehow a part of Elvis singing the blues on the radio or whatever the hell is happening in 1964."

"You are so not a history scholar," Sheilagh said, laughing.

"Hey, I'm an engineer, not a historian!"


Deirdre piloted the Wells as Rick sat next to her and Izo and Milton sat behind, "What are we gonna do?" she whispered, "The tandem pulse shot you mentioned, that's a load of bull."

"'Course it is," he said, "but we can fire a shot and so can Tom, and cross the streams, and create a rift or maybe even an energy web. At the last minute, we can jettison one of our passengers and shoot through to the other side."


"Beam onto the Defiant shuttle, in trade for anyone we want."

"Only if we get some cooperation," Deirdre said, "and no one knows about your plan except for me."


"Just a moment," Mark Stone said, "I need to go to Sick Bay and get more materials."

"Hurry up!" Hoshi complained.

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