Do You Doubt It?

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Say you don't need no diamond rings

And I'll be satisfied

Tell me that you want the kind of things

That money just can't buy

I don't care too much for money

Money can't buy me love

– The Beatles (Can't Buy Me Love)


In 3110, things were not going so well. Once the USS Adrenaline fell, and the USS Saint Eligius was lost, the Varg-i-yeh became even more emboldened.

They went after the Berren System, and then Tandar Prime. They captured Andoria and the Xyrillian home world. They took their shots at Daranaea and ended up destroying that planet as those fox-faced aliens made a stand to rival Masada.

They took out Ferenginar, and Kronos and New Vulcan and Bajor and Cardassia and Betazed. The trip to Dawitan was a fast one, for the Witannen had burned everything they could, and had spiked the remainder with radiation. The Imvari launched suicide runs, kamikaze flights and suicide bombings, but in vain.

The Lafa System was curiously devoid of life, although there was enough evidence of heavy industry that there had been life there, and it had been intelligent, and it had been there fairly recently. But what the Varg-i-yeh did not know was that the Calafans had escaped into the mirror, taking everything with them that they could carry. It was not just their children and their food animals and plants, but they took everything imaginable, even pests. Anything at all – they did their best to leave naught for the Varg-i-yeh. And, as a final act, they sowed the grounds with salt and destroyed the amplifying dishes on Point Abic, thereby slamming the door between the two universes shut, once and for all. They vowed to never speak of our universe again, and to not tell their children. As far as their future descendants would know, there was no universe but the mirror, and Calafans were simply silver or copper but there was little reason why one would be either.

And on Earth, finally, when the Varg-i-yeh got there, the humans fought with everything they had. They used their phasers and their disruptors and photon torpedoes. They even hauled out ancient phase cannons and rifles and eventually it got down to nuclear weapons and then to bullets and lead shot and Uzis and even Winchesters and Kentucky rifles and flintlocks and blunderbusses until they were gone, and then it was swords, it was epées and scimitars and sabers and daggers, and even kitchen knives. And when those were done, it was rocks and sticks and teeth and hands, until the last of the humans, holed up in caves, not unlike their distant ancient Neander Valley cousins, had died, worn down by resistance and hardship and hunger.

And the Varg-i-yeh, as it were, planted their metaphorical flag and declared the Milky Way defeated and set their sights on the next prize – the Canis Major galaxy. All of the spoils of the Milky Way were theirs, and they were bored with us.


In 2192, Kira sat down with his brothers Arashi and Izo. "I read a little about this system," he said, "and a good thirty years ago or so, the Defiant was here."

"So?" asked Izo, fiddling with his PADD. He was bored, and wanted nothing more than to get out of there. "The Defiant's been everywhere."

"Two – well, four – people left then, and they went here," Kira said. A mouse, cheekily, rushed by his foot.

"Still, this doesn't mean anything," Izo said, "for something that old; you know we wouldn't bother pursuing, no matter what she says." No one had to ask who she was.

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