He Might at Least Listen

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You oughta see her on a road course or a quarter mile

This little modified Pon-Pon has got plenty of style

She beats the gassers and the rail jobs, really drives 'em why-ee-eye-ild

C'mon and turn it on, wind it up, blow it out GTO

– Ronny & the Daytonas (Little GTO)


"You okay, Otra?" Rick asked as they neared their destination.

"Yes, a quick vision," she said, "I saw that blond man again. This time, he succeeded in shooting himself in the head."

"Oh, my," Polly said, "you okay?"

"Yeah, it's, I just saw the gun, the hand and the finger squeezing the trigger, and I heard the noise. But I didn't see the aftermath, fortunately," the half-Witannen replied.

"Well, that's something," Deirdre said.

"So that's restored," Rick said, "did it affect anything, do you think?"

"I don't know," Otra said, "we're still here, I am assuming that HD and Kevin and Sheilagh are still on the Jack Finney, and Carmen and Crystal and Levi must still be on the Audrey II, with Tom still in the mirror in 2192. You are still not restored in my memory, I'm sorry to say."

"Wait a second, did you say Jack Finney?" Deirdre asked, "'Cause when we left, their ship was the Simon Morley."

"Progress," Polly said.


In 2192, on the surface of Lafa II, a plan was being hatched. "We need to get on the Defiant," Tom Grant said, "'cause I need to get the Flux Capacitor back."

"Right," said Jennifer, "well, one way in is the thing that would work pretty much any time, any day."

"Oh?" Tom asked.

"Yeah," Beth said, "sleep with her."

"That's completely out of the question," Tom said, "Any other ideas?"

"This is the Empress Hoshi Sato we're talkin' 'bout," said Tripp, "just can't ya'll just take one for the team?"

Tom just glared at him. Beth dug an elbow into Tripp's ribs.

"Moving right along," Chip said.

There was a communications trill. "Tucker here."

"How's it going?" It was a female voice, a little tinny in the communicator's speaker.

"We're trying to figure out a way in, High Priestess," Tripp explained.

"Well, you'll need to hurry. We're at the deadline. And thank you."

"You've been good to us, let us settle here and stay here, when you coulda kicked us all out," Tripp pointed out.

"You forget my big brother is married to Jennifer. I'm not about to evict family. And I think it's symbiotic anyway. Yimar out."

"Well, ya heard the lady," Tripp said, "we're under the gun."

"I have an idea," Takara said, "and you won't have to pretend you want to sleep with my mother."


They moved ahead, to April eighth of 1994, just to be absolutely certain of whether they had succeeded. "I've got news stories on Cobain," Sheilagh said, and turned up the sound on one such broadcast.

"Rock singer Kurt Cobain was found dead at his home today, the victim of what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Wife Courtney Love reports that she approached their house a few days ago but did not enter, for fear that Cobain might have flown into a rage, and she feared for the safety of their young daughter, Frances Bean Cobain."

"So we succeeded," Kevin said, "good news. Now, Branch, while we fly to 1964, ya wanna tell us what's going on?"

"Yeah," HD said, "spill it."


"Oh?" Tom asked.

"We get the High Priestess to help. And one other person, I am thinking. There are some people who are still there who are sympathetic, right?" Takara asked.

"Aidan's still there, at least, if he's still alive, he is," Chip said, "He would never leave Kira or Susan voluntarily."

"And there are the guys who helped you and Lucy get out, right?" Takeo asked, coming over to join the conversation.

"There were two guys, Andrew Miller and Josh Rosen," Lucy said after a pause, remembering.

"Miller's gone," Beth said, "there was a story on the wire about it."

"What?" Tripp asked.

"Yeah, it was on the twentieth," Jennifer said, clicking around on a PADD. She brought up the broadcast.

"And in other news today, the Empress's consort, Andrew Miller, was found dead today. Security Chief Izo Sato suspects foul play but, so far, there is no conclusive evidence. The Empress has gone into seclusion but has told us, her loyal subjects, to go on. No national day of mourning has been set."

"National day of mourning?" Tom drawled.

"Yeah, well, she's gotten a lot more over the top as she's gotten older," Beth said.

"You had an idea, Takara," Charlie said, joining his wife and the others, "c'mon, tell everyone, honey."

"Well," Takara said, "bring it to her not as an apology or even as a sneaking in or anything like that. Instead, go in as if you're an equal. Lay the cards on the table. We've got ship parts, they need them, they've got a small ship in their bay and don't know how to use it, but we do, so we make a deal. You make Arashi think it'll be profitable, and Izo think it'll be fun, and Kira think it'll give him more power. She will be more likely to be swayed if she thinks the boys are behind it."

"We can't tell the Empress how to use the Flux Capacitor, or how to build any ships like it," Tom cautioned.

"Understood," Takara said, "But this will get her attention. And you take it out for some shakedown cruise. Make it after Yimar and whoever else you bring with you are gone. Work with the sympathetic folks, of course, and have them disable the Defiant's weapons and then pilot the shuttle down or the like. Then they stay down here."

"Then she'll just come back, and be madder'n ever!" Tripp exclaimed.

"In the meantime, though, don't the Vulcans and the Andorians want to buy the ship parts? So sell them," Takara said, "and those two species can worry about where to do their construction. But by the time the Empress gets her ship's weapons replaced, there might be a few more Constitution class starships out there for her to be dealing with. We are gonna look like mighty small fish. Why would she bother with us?"

"It'll only work if we can get Ramirez," Tucker said, "he's the Chief Engineer, the only competent one left on board, so far's I know."

"Then I will go with Tom and Yimar," Jennifer said, "he and I, before I got with Treve – we had a few times together. I'm not saying he pines for me or anything, but he might at least listen."

"Here's hoping," said Tom.


Wa-wa, ("Yeah, yeah, little GTO") wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa

("Yeah, yeah, little GTO")

Wa-wa, ("Yeah, yeah, little GTO") wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa

("Yeah, yeah, little GTO")

Wa-wa ("Ahhh, little GTO") wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa

– Ronny & the Daytonas (Little GTO)    

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