You Will Know What is in My Heart

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You came into my heart (baby baby)

So tenderly (where did our love go)

With a burning love (baby baby)

That stings like a bee (baby baby)

(ooh baby baby)

– Diana Ross and the Supremes (Where Did Our Love Go?)


Bryce Unger was a whirling dervish. "Shields up! Arm phaser banks! What's our status?!" he barked orders at everyone on the Bridge. For so long, this had been a cushy detail. But no longer.

They had arrived.


"We'd better get our people outta here," Kevin said to Carmen, as they watched from Dan's office, "we got time to restore, and most of our folks aren't soldiers."

"Our only real fighter is in the damned mirror," Carmen said. She sighed. "We will all go somewhere or another. Mister Daniels, you'll go to the mirror and back up Tom. Take, uh, take Deirdre, Otra and Polly with you."

"All right," he said, "you mind riding with me?"

"I'll do it," Polly said, "even though we don't know you. I just wanna be anywhere but here." Deirdre nodded her assent.

"I'll go, too," Otra said, "What I sense of you is that you are from another time line. Whether that's good or bad remains to be seen."

"Sheilagh, HD, you'll restore 1994," Carmen said, "And you'll take Kevin with you. Take the Simon Morley."

"Right-o," HD said.

"Crystal, you'll get everyone ready as usual and then come with me and Levi and we'll handle 1964. We'll take the Audrey II. We'll leave the Audrey Niffenegger in case Bryce or anyone else needs it. Now, everyone, when you are finished, do not come back here. I want you to go to 1964. We will come back together."

"So we're abandoning ship?" Kevin asked her quietly.

"Kind of, I suppose. But I don't see any other way out of it, do you?" She engaged her implanted Communicator, but Bryce wasn't answering. "A message for Bryce Unger," she said, "the Human Unit is going on missions. The Audrey Niffenegger is available as needed. But right now my people need to be safe. Calavicci out, hopefully not for the last time. Godspeed, Bryce."

Forgotten by all, the colony alien – an entity, as it were – was listening in. It had to admit – they had to admit – that hanging around and waiting for the Varg-i-yeh was not such a hot idea. It decided to leave as well.

Having spent the most time with Kevin, it decided to go on that mission, on the Simon Morley.


While waiting to go, Kevin had little to do. The time ships were ready to go and he was not going to go to the Earth's surface. He could be dressed up to pass as a full-blooded human, but that was hardly necessary. They all knew that the mission was diversionary in nature. Sheilagh and HD would not need him. He engaged his implanted Communicator. "Yilta, you busy?"

She was the Calafan Unit's engineer. "Oh, the usual, just gettin' ready for an invasion." Her accent lilted, sounding very much like an Irish brogue. Her voice was low and husky – whiskey-soaked.

"Understood," he smiled a little, "I just, I wanna come over. Can I?"


He hustled over there, fast. "We're leaving," he said to her, "going to the past. It's for missions but, really, I dunno what's going to happen here. There's something big happening in the 2192 mirror."

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