Go to the Mirror any Time you Damn Well Please

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Secret agent man

Secret agent man

They've given you a number,

and taken away your name.

Secret agent man

– Johnny Rivers (Secret Agent Man)


The colony alien had been observing the goings on. It could and did shift shapes, but the humans had said that that was most unnerving. And so, for the most part, it remained in a humanoid form.

It had taken on the appearance of Deidre's first boyfriend. This was not out of affection for Deirdre but, rather, a convenient shape that didn't disturb and distract the others quite so much.

The time dislocation affected it, but not like the others. The details were less of a concern for it. Finally, it spoke. "There is a familiarity to this presence."

"Which presence?" Polly inquired.

"There." A point at Rick.

"I'm not sure that's at all dispositive," Carmen said, "Von?"

"Yes?" The Ferengi was still there.

"How did Mister Daniels arrive?"

"He flew in on a time ship, and used the standard code to open the bay and accomplish docking."

"The specific code wasn't working," Rick explained, "Then again, it makes sense that it wouldn't work."

"What's the name of the ship?" Carmen asked.

"It's the HG Wells." Rick stated.

"We have a Wells," Carmen said, "but it's in the planning stages. Tell me, Mister Daniels, are there other time ships where you come from?" she paused, "And if there are, what are their names?"

"The oldest – it's still not converted over to dark matter propulsion – is the Audrey Niffenegger. The Wells was built next, then the Jack Finney. Then the Flux Capacitor was built. That one's been stolen and taken to the 2192 mirror. Then there's the Audrey II. The last one was the Elise McKenna but it never got out of the blueprint stage. I doubt it'll be completed any time soon."

Deirdre looked up. "That's what most of ours were named. But we have the Simon Morley, not the Jack Finney."

"So in this reality you named it after the hero of the book and not the author," Rick said, "You do the naming, right, Deirdre?"

She nodded.

Carmen had been quickly skimming over information on her PADD. She sighed. "We have Dan's information. Kindly understand that I have my reasons for not showing everyone every little bit of it. But the man was kind enough to solve the last of the Manifesto file for us."

The Manifesto file was a recruiting tool of the Perfectionists. It was meant to be a statement of their aims and, possibly, help to turn agents to the Perfectionists' way of thinking. Carmen read aloud,

"There is much wrong with history.

Humans have slaughtered each other by the millions. Suffering has been endured by countless innocents. Pain, disease, poverty and starvation have all been borne by too many. War has been the overarching force, rather than a rare accent seen sparingly over the millennia.

Kindness, goodness and mercy, health and vitality, peace and comfort and understanding – these are the collective birthright of our people. The prosperity and joy that we experience today can and must be shared with our ancestors. Our discoveries and achievements, our accomplishments and our knowledge, can spur them onto greater heights. And, in turn, their newer, richer, better and more advanced works will make us better.

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