Chapter 16: Final Run

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Some semblance of logic returned to Greg. When it did, he demanded that everyone hand over their earpiece radios. Once they had, he threw them on the floor and stomped on them several times, until he was sure they were broken.

"What was that for?!" Campbell cried.

"Erebus may be distracted, but it's still capable. The less ability it has to track us, the better," Greg replied.

"Fine. But you know the damn thing can still listen and watch us through the intricate, extensive network of cameras we have on the Anubis, right?" Campbell asked.

Greg twisted his lips into a frown. Suddenly, he smiled. "So we take it out. We'll go back to the security network center."

"And what? Shoot it up? That'll take ages, it's huge," Billings said.

Greg shrugged. "So we visit an armory along the way. You guys must have bombs or explosives onboard, right?"

Campbell thought for a moment, and then nodded. "Yeah, we do. There's a few armories in between here and there."

"Fine, then gear the fuck up and let's go." Greg turned to Kyra. "Sure I can't talk you into-"

"No, Greg. And stop being a selfish bastard. You get to play dice with your life, you have no right to tell me not to," Kyra replied.

Greg nodded reluctantly. "You're right. I'm sorry."

Kyra laughed, grabbed him and kissed him. "Damn straight I'm right. Now come on, we've got a ship to blow up."

They gathered their gear from the maintenance area. Greg felt naked with just a pistol and no armor. Unfortunately, nobody had any spare weapons for him. As they prepared themselves to head back into the bloody chaos, Greg caught sight of his arm and felt his stomach twitch. It was insane, he realized, how much his brain was trying to make him forget about it. It was as if whenever he didn't look at it long enough, his mind gently erased from his memories the fact that he had a metal fucking arm now.

Was this some strange side effect of the memory loss? No, he decided after a moment. This was just human nature. Slowly, he clenched his gleaming metal hand into a fist. It was eerie, downright creepy how he couldn't feel it.

"Greg...are you okay?" Kyra asked softly.

"No," he replied, still staring down at his metal fist. "I'm not, but doing this will go a long way towards my recovery. It's not a nice thing to watch someone cut your arm off."

Nobody seemed to have anything to say to that. They finished up and gathered at the door. Campbell promised that he knew the best route there. For once, Greg found that he didn't care where Campbell's allegiances lay.

If he showed any signs of betrayal, Greg would kill him.

It was that simple.

Greg opened the door. The corridor beyond was quiet. The Anubis was in worse shape than ever. Everything looked dark, broken, and bloodied. The absence of bodies persisted. Erebus and the Augmented had been hard at work.

"Clear," Greg murmured, slipping out into the dim corridor.

The others followed. They began their journey into the dead heart of the ship. Around them, the vessel breathed with dark, awful life. Greg tried holding his pistol with two hands, but was forced to hold it with his right hand, his false hand, as his two hands touching was proving to be far too distracting. He made himself focus on his surroundings.

Campbell promised that the way there wouldn't be all that difficult, provided they didn't run into anything really nasty. Greg had lost count of the times he'd heard that sentiment. They managed to reach the end of the corridor without incident. Looking first left, then right, and finding more lengths of empty, bloody corridor both ways, Greg led them on. He would have liked to use the maintenance lift they'd been near, but apparently it was broken. He couldn't help but wonder if Erebus had anything to do with that.

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