Chapter 9: The Two Magi War and The Girl

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Short Preview:
After Sinbad gives his reasons to join the Fog Troupe, he and Alibaba went to the palace and try to go against the King of Balbadd. While the two are doing that, The trio, [Y/N], Aladdin and Morgiana wait outside with the other people. Both [Y/N] and Aladdin then met Judar as he bumps into [Y/N] with the black rukhs. After all the dramas, Judar went to find Sinbad and was introduced to the fourth Magi. He then attacks Alibaba, making Aladdin in alert mode.


"You look eager to fight, don't you!? Hey!?" Judar shouts to Aladdin and he reply with a stoic face, "I don't want to fight you but if you intend to hurt us again, I will stop you." Rukhs starts gathering at Aladdin's wand.

Sinbad steps in, "Hey! Stop it you two!" However it only made Judar smirk. "Don't try to stop us Sinbad! You don't even have a metal vessel on you right now!"

Sinbad called out Masrur's name and Masrur rush to Judar, trying to active his household vessel but to no avail as Judar's borg block the attack. "As I though, we can't use our household vessels now." Masrur informs Sinbad, "Dammit!"

Turning his attention, Judar spins his wand by his fingertips, "Okay, let's start Chibi Magi. First..." He stops spinning his wand and point it straight at Aladdin. "Let's start off by a competition of firing magoi!"

"Firing magoi!?" Morgiana exclaims while holding Alibaba and [Y/N] just look at the Fallen Magi, not holding any expression and just watching.

Judar lift his wand to making it point upwards and rukhs starts gathering at the tip of the wand and soon enough a huge bright light ball was form on top of Judar's wand, making Aladdin startled.

Judar use his two hand to grab his wand and lift it on top of his head, "All right! Let's go!" Judar exclaims and the huge bright light ball starts shooting lights at people randomly,making people dodge and buildings getting destroyed. Judar was laughing throughout.

A few went to Aladdin and the other three that was behind him so the rukhs at Aladdin's wand bring up a shield that absorbs the light that was shooting at Aladdin and the other three, making Aladdin surprise as he didn't know what to do.

Morgiana calls out Aladdin's name in shock of the shield and Judar was shock too but then Aladdin move his wand behind him and Sim towards Judar, making Aladdin shoot magoi.

However, the magoi got absorb by Judar's borg, making him realise something. "I've got it... Hey Chibi!" Judar rise both of his hands, "Let's stop this! Competing with firing magoi is completely meaningless. Since we are Magi with the protection of the rukhs... The magoi will only be nullified."

'Nullified' Aladdin though while remembering the shield that protects him and his friends absorbed the light that was shooting before.

"Since that's so.." Judar continue, pointing his wand to Aladdin with a smug. "Let's have a Magic battle." "Magic!?" A lot of chattering began.


'Stop it...' "Magoi is not strong enough but what if we give the rukhs that is producing magoi a command?" I continue stare at him with fear.

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