Danganronpa AU

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This is not a one shot. I really wanted to make this book not only a one shot book but a AU book as well. This is part 1 so this is this is the intro and the first kill and punishment.


Cory Crater: The Best Photographer
Nick Schatzki: The Best Voice Actor
Uni Comics: The Best Artist
Tommy Shreddens: The Best Bomber
Dawn Riku: The Best Techisis
Jon Jon: The Best Joker
Ashlie 9596: The Best Swordsman
Luna Lover: The Best Detective
Red Vactor: The Best Switcher (personality)
Barney Winkleton: The Best Historian
Sky Minecraft: The Best Devil
Jin Bop: The Best Bookworm
Ross Washington: The Best Doctor
Max Mithzan: The Best Axeman (IDK)
Shelby Grace: The Cinnamon Bun
Nick Barbarian: The Best Gamer
Jess Irene: The Best Vetinarian

3rd Person POV

It was around 4:30 when Jess Irene found Jin Bop, the best Bookworm dead in the hallway. There was a photo of his dead corpse in his left hand, a USB cord on the floor and a pair of scissors hidden. It was time to the grand hall to talk about his death and who killed him. Everyone was surprised and worried except for Sky. Sky was crying knowing that his best friend was dead.. Rest in peace Jin, you will be miss. :(

Luna's POV

We were all standing up and no one said anything. Where Jin used to stand was a picture of him with a big X on it. I really miss him, he was so helpful and nice. "So, I think it was Cory" Max said. "Why me? I didn't do anything" Cory said. "You are the only one who takes pictures" Ashlie said. "That doesn't mean anything. He takes pictures all the time, not kill people all the time" Nick (Sgc) explained. "There was no blood so someone choked him to death" I explained. "Dawn could be the culprit" said Jess. "I let Tommy use my USB cord so you can't really blame it on me" Dawn explained. "I thought I lost it. It wasn't on my bed where I left it" Tommy said. I was trying to think and process this out while everyone was arguing. "I'm not the killer" Cory yelled. "You said at the beginning that you would kill everyone when you had a chance" Barney said. "Cory and Dawn are innocent. I can tell you that" I said. I process and I got my killer. "You don't know that" Max said. "Yes I do, here's how it all went.
The culprit stole the USB cable from Tommy and stole one of Cory's camera when they weren't in there rooms. When Jin was walking to the cafeteria, the culprit came right behind him and started to choke him. The culprit dropped the just-in-case scissors if choking didn't work without noticing. Jin was trying to save him self but it failed and he died. It took the culprit 1 minute to kill him. The culprit dragged the body to the wall, took the picture so that they can find a way to blame it on Cory. They left the USB cable just in case if they found Cory innocent. The culprit used fingerless gloves so that finger prints wouldn't be left behind. The culprit left to the cafeteria and acted normal and this all happened at 1:16, when were all at the cafeteria" I explained. "And the culprit is............ Ross, wasn't it" I answered. "Ross................why" Sky asked sadfully. "Because he was such a smart butt, I didn't want to hear from him any more. I wasn't going to let a Bookworm do my job" Ross said yelling. We all agreed that it was Ross and the punishment began.


Ross was taken by the neck. Everything went black, then, Ross was found strapped in a bed in a white room. Monokumu runs to Ross and starts to shock Ross with a machine named Smart . Ross's brain started to burn. Monokumu kept doing it until Ross's brain exploded, blowing . Blood went all over the room. Monokumu used a giant hammer to smash Ross's body. All was left was blood on the walls, floors and on the bed. Everyone was surprised or nervous. Max was angry and nervous because he killed Jin and he knew that he was going to see more. Everyone knew that this wasn't the first death. This grew the eager to kill someone to one person. The only question that everyone was thinking was "Why are people doing this to us?". Everything went black.

Hey Lovers. This is the first time I'm doing this so I might be bad at this. In the comments, I want you guys to tell me if you want to read more of the AUs, make another book that has the AUs or just stop with the AUs. I really love doing this even for you guys and I don't really like writing to my own 7 classes, this app really changed my life. Thanks for reading and have a great day. Luna out.

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