Chapter 32 | Temporary Courage

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The Beta Sector was sitting on the room of the Alpha Sector with solemn faces. It had nothing to do the fact that they were having the priveledge to be there because the Alpha Sector never let anyone else go inside. It wasn't even because of wanting that place to be theirs. No, it wasn't the case at all. The images of what they saw last night kept replaying in their heads. They saw everything from the 2nd Titan War for Xiana's sake, but with the internal torture for Luke. Bianca and Zoë didn't want to relive everything from Percy point of view. But they asked it. Percy showed them everything, even Tartarus, until the time Chaos took him.

Luke didn't know what to feel. At first, seeing all the things he have done to Silena, Beckendorf, Ethan, Castor, Grover, Thalia, Annabeth, and so much more, it left him with an aching heart and full of self-loathing. It was true he regretted everything he had done. He regretted it the moment Kronos has asked him to swim in the River Styx. At that moment, Luke remembered what his mother had always said to him, how she wanted the best for him, how much she had loved him. He realized that somebody had always loved him. Even in that state, she was always looking for him. And what was he doing? Helping a mad Titan invade the world? So much for the cookies May Castellan baked for him. But as it got on, he realized how it was so reasonable for Percy to hate the gods that his excuse of destroying the world felt pathetic. He was plunged into two wars, only to have another prophecy given to him. He did everything to be prepared abd even that was thrown back to his face. And when he finally thought that he was havin a family, Niza and Xavier died.  Then, Luke realized, all that crying he saw that Niza and Xavier's funeral was him releasing everything he felt. And that was the last time he had ever saw him cry that hard in ten years.

Sure, he was having panic attacks here and there but he never cried so hard because he would usually run to his room or calm himself down and walk out the door to avoid confrontation.

And last night, he just saw how hard everything was hurting Percy inside. He didn't even realize. And he was his supposedly best friend. But Percy just showed himself to them at that moment.

Although, Luke noticed something was a bit off. Even Zoë noticed that because they caught each others eye. Luke had known Annabeth since she was seven. She was prideful even at a young age but she was loyal in her own way. That was the Annabeth Lule knew. Hades, Luke made himself bait to make Annabeth hold up the sky. She took the sky for Luke. But she also fought him to protect Camp Half-Blood. She was loyal and smart, Luke felt like they were only getting one side of the knew they were just grtting one side of the story.

Zoë probably looked at him because of the three people, or rather gods, Percy had already befriended. The lack of their presence in eerything that happened was unsettling. Like something was missing. If Athena played with Percy and pretended to be her friend also setting him up, then she wouldn't let the oppurtunity to torment him even more. After all, he is the son of her archnemesis. But Zoë had looked for hints of Athena or any of the three, but they weren't there. So, maybe what Poseidon said was true, the gods were missing.

Percy had said that even Aether didn't know. Zoë's mind worked faster than before. She concluded from all the facts she gathered that the three gods were taken or hidden by Chaos' brother. Aether was already summoned by Chaos back here and that left Percy on his own. Left him to deal with the campers who unpredictedly shunned him out of camp. That seemed suspiscious to her because it was all too coincidental.

But, of course, she could never tell though. She figured maybe only Chaos, Ananke, and the Fates knew about what exactly happened since Percy was too much of a Seaweed Brain to figure it out.

Or he just didn't want to think about it because he couldn't handle his emotions which led him to deny the loopholes that were pretty much obvious.

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