I held Roxxi in my arms for most of the night as she cried herself to sleep. The pain covering the air around us. I looked down at her sleeping form having fist fulls of my shirt in her hands and snuggling into me as far as she could go, it was as if she was afraid I would just vanish.

I looked down at her as I felt her stir.

"Daniel?" She asked in a croaky voice.

"I'm here baby" I whispered kissing her head.

"Oh god Daniel, she's gone" Roxxi said looking at me with tears in he eyes.

"You have to be strong baby, for the kids" I reminded her.

"Ok" She whispered closing her eyes again.

"Do you want to get up?" I asked.

"Not really" She sighed.

"Look stay here i'll go feed the kids and mind them" I said getting up.

"Can you stay with me please? I c-can't be alone"  Roxxi asked biting her lip.

"Ok, I'll tell your brothers to do it" I said lying down again.

"Ok" She whispered cuddling into me again.

We ended up falling asleep again for most of the day. I can't help but think about what it was like for Alejandro, killing his own mate, I can't imagine it.

I know why he did it though, I didn't tell Roxxi i'm able to tap into minds, I found out all of her dirty little secrets, her horrible secrets.



Roxxi was fussing about how to tell the children and having a funeral, it was obvious she's under a lot of stress. The death of Ellen was hard on and every time she looked at the twins she nearly burst into tears. I couldn't bring myself to tell Roxxi the stuff I found out when I tapped into Ellen's mind, before she died. I wanted Roxxi to have happy memories of her friend. 

"Where's mommy?" Andrew asked walking into the room.

"I-I.." Roxxi began before she started crying again.

"Momma? Why you cry" Ariana asked walking into the bedroom and climbing on the bed with Andrew so they could cuddle Roxxi.

"Your-Your mom, she isn't coming back" Roxxi said between sniffles.

"Why?" Ariana asked, looking so innocent and confused.

"Something happened.. mommy is gone to live with the angels in heaven" Roxxi cried.

"She died?" Andrew asked.

We both looked at Andrew in surprise.

"Uh, Y-Yeah" Roxxi answered.

"Oh" Was all he said in reply.

Ariana was silent snuggling into Roxxi and I, silent tears falling from her eyes.

"So she's never coming back?" Ariana sniffled.

"I'm  sorry baby" Roxxi sniffled pulling her closer.

"You'll stay right?" Andew asked us both.

"Of course!" Roxxi said wiping her eyes.

"Of course we will" I said.

We all sat on the bed for a while, letting everything sink in for the twins. They seemed more confused than anything. I got the sense that they weren't that upset as they should be.

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