20| -» she regretted «-

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She watched the machines beep

And her mother attached to a dozen wires.

She finally realised the grave situation.

She tugged at her father's sleeve,

Will she be ok?, she asked

Yes, he answered.

She accepted it, no sarcastic comebacks.

She sat by her mother the whole day.

She went through the rosary countless times,

Till her fingers turned numb.

She prayed for forgiveness,

Her negligence to her parents' love

And her regard to them as imperfect-

She felt childish.

Tears poured down her cheeks as she thought about the morning.

I will always love you, no matter what you do or say.

She regretted pushing away her mother.

She regretted not wiping away those tears.

She regretted not saying I love you back to her.

She regretted everything.

But most of all,

She regretted slamming that door in her mother's face.

She could see her mother's broken, tear-stained face,

That was all she could see.

And that broke something in her.

She was feeling a lot of things, there in that hospital.

But at that moment, above all,

She felt guilt.


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