Part 50 - Flashbacks at traitors gate

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"Tom! It was Tom, he lead them in the prison, that fucking traitor I'll kill him!" I walked into the middle of the group and huffed, "Be my guest... That fucker deserves everything he gets..." Rick pinched the bridge of his nose, causing his forehead to crinkle "I'm not sure how I feel about this... Tom... he's... he's my friend" he said, pacing up and down. "He betrayed us... he's the reason the prison's strong points were attacked, no one else knew except us... this is all my fault" I cried, and it was, if I hadn't of snapped at Tom and maybe give him a chance, he wouldn't have left, god I feel so bad... what have I done? "Jess this is not your fault" Daryl butt in, "Yeah this isn't your fault" Rick chimed in, agreeing with Daryl. I know they were just trying to help, but it wasn't working. I placed my head in my hands, Rick's arms found their way around me as he gave me a reassuring hug. My head immediately lifted from my hands "Where's Andrea?" I questioned, scanning the area looking for my best friend who was nowhere to be seen. Rick began to scratch the back of his neck, and avoided eye contact with me, everyone did. "Jess... she didn't make it..." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I shook my head thinking that they were joking, I wondered over to a log nearby and sat down. "No really... where is she..." I asked for the second time, this time with tears in my eyes, I tried to hold them back but I couldn't. "Jess... She's gone" Daryl explained as he knelt down. beside me, he put his hand on my knee. I was finding it increasingly difficult to hide my emotions, "What happened to her?" I asked "The Governor... he, killed Milton and put him in the same room as Andrea... she was shackled up, and when Milton turned, he attacked her" Daryl replied, his hand not leaving my knee as he gave it a reassuring squeeze. I took a deep breath, I needed to calm myself down, "I'll kill him... Tom too... I promise you this, I will kill them both, as slowly and as inhumanely as possible" I said loud enough for everyone to hear me clearly. The death of my friend had bought out a side of me I never knew existed, I was to show no mercy to these murderers and I was going to take joy out of killing them... slowly.


"How did you get Maggie and Glenn out of there anyway?" I asked, my face consumed with confusion.

Flashback Rick's POV -------

"Right, Daryl, I want you to stay round the back of the main building, with the marble arch doorway, that way you can see who goes in and out, I want to know how many of them are, so keep in touch with this" I demanded as I threw Daryl a walkie talkie. Daryl clipped the walkie to his belt and nodded as he did so. "Michonne, I want you by the cells where we got Jess, and see if you can find Andrea, its a stab in the dark but its worth a try, she's your main priority." I continued, she also nodded. Michonne was one of Andrea's closest friends, she could look after herself well, so she wouldn't be a problem. We needed to find Andrea. "Glenn, Maggie... I need you to get caught"

"What!?" They both answered in unison, "They'll shoot us before we even get close!" I shook my head "No, they won't, you go in and as soon as you see someone, drop your weapons and put your hands up, they'll use you to draw the rest of us out in the open" I replied, my eyes glancing from one person to another. "Isn't that what we don't, want to happen?" Maggie questioned, "Yes that's why they'll use it to their advantage, but it'll only draw me out, Daryl, Michonne, I need you to get Maggie and Glenn out, by the time we shot up the place all the civilians would have gone inside so it should be alright to let the walkers out of that cage you saw last time, how many were there?" I asked Michonne, she had a look of concentration on her face, "About a dozen, last time I saw" I nodded, "Okay, you do that, should throw them off guard then, it'll give us some time to get you and Maggie out" I said to Glenn gesturing them with my head. "Right everyone knows where they're going and what they need to do?" Everyone gave me a nod to let me know that they understood. I nodded "Leave the Governor to me..." Everyone went quiet.

I took in a deep breath, I thought about Jess, "Right, Jess is probably gonna attempt to come down here, so if this happens, she is the main priority... The Governor wants her, he won't kill her, but he'll take her, but I won't let that happen" They all nodded once again. "Do you really think she'll come down here?" Daryl asked wondering if my predictions were correct. "Oh yeah, if I know Jess, she'll come down here, she's too stubborn not to" I added looking into Daryl's direction. "Right we ready?... Let's go" I ordered, and with that we set off to take Woodbury, the plan was set into motion and we executed it perfectly.

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