Chapter 10 - Shallow Promises

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Dust POV

I unlocked the cupboard after a while to see them kissing rather violently. They separated when they saw me, but I still smiled at them knowingly.
"Been having fun, have we?" I asked.
"S-Shut up, Dust." Killer hissed, and Nightmare made a straight face.
"Yeah, we actually have." He said, his voice cold as ice. He wrapped his tentacle around Killer, who blushed extremely and uttered a stuttery 's-s-senpai?!' before fainting into Nightmare's arms. He blushed a little, before getting out of the closet, Killer still nestled in his arms. He rubbed his cheek with a tentacle affectionately, smiling slightly.
"Hey," I spoke, seriousness hinting in my voice. "I can see you really care about him, don't you?"
"...yeah. He's the first one who's made me feel something in a long time. I had almost given up ever feeling happy again. Then..." He sighed and looked at Killer lovingly. "I fell for him,"
"...I know that feel, bud. But I have to warn you....  He's one of my best friends. If you hurt him, I'll kill you." A threatening overtone clouded my voice. Nightmare simply smiled.
"I wouldn't want to. And I don't blame you for protecting him. But..." He turned to me. "When are you gonna tell Horror how you feel?"
"I don't know what you're talking about-"
"Cut it. It's really obvious you like him. And it's obvious he likes you back. I'm one of the guardians of emotions. Don't you think I know when people are holding things back?"
I sighed.
"Look." He looked me in the eyes. "Tell him next time you see him. Promise. Trust me."
"Nightmare, I'm not going to-"
"Trust me."
I sighed again. "Awe, what the heck. Fine.

I'll tell him."


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