18- Carrot

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Nawsheen's point of view

The next day I woke up, I decided to have a little day out of the house. I would spend my day in the great meadows around the village, just to have some more peacefulness. I wanted to sit by the baobab tree and paint something. As you know, I love painting nature.

I told my Aunt about it and she agreed readily.

Sania was spending some time at her friend's place till tea time. I got my painting box ready and took some paper with me along with a little basket my Aunt prepared for me, which contained my lunch.

"I'll be back at three maybe. Assalamualaikum" I said and left. I was walking towards that meadow when I heard a whisper.

"Boo!" It said and I screamed and turned in horror to find the guy who returned my key yesterday.

"Uhh hey" I managed to say, still quite under the shock of him springing out of God knows where.

"Soooo where are you going?" He asked casually. I gave him a confused look but replied anyways.

"At the plain to paint" I replied, not really liking his company besides me. I mean, I don't know him, he doesn't know me and he just returned me my key. How is he all normal as if we've known each other for years?!

He nods and walks next to me and at a point, I start to feel quite annoyed.

"Are you going to follow me or?" I ask and as if realisation struck him, he said:

"Ohh no, of course not, sorry. I'm Zayan"


"And you're Nawsheen" he said for me.

Umm did I miss out anything? He stared at me so seriously that I felt my face melting when he suddenly burst out of laughter, a laugh I remember quite well.

He laughs and laughs until tears of laughter comes to his now red eyes. I am feeling angry.

"What's so funny?" I asked, clearly confused.

"Nothing. I...I have to go. Bye !" He said and laughed, more tears of laughter pouring down as he ran away. Is he psychopathic?

His name is strange. It was the same name as the other apple-guy. Such a puzzle! I put it at the back of my mind and focus all day on my paintings, which were successful.

By that time, I had completely forgotten about boys. I didn't even know that was a word. Until next morning, when I and Sania woke up with burning fever.

"I'm...dyyyyiiing...!" She whined, jiggling in her bed uneasily. She kicked her blanket out of the bed and slipped off the bed, landing on the cold marble floor.

"Mmm" She moaned and pressed her body on the floor, enjoying a lollipop, of course.

"You are so sexy" she said to the lollipop. I swear she is making out with a lollipop.

I was lying on the floor too, fortunately not making out with anyone -or anything in this case.

"GIRLS!" scolded my aunt, making us jump back on bed. She sighed.

"I am in deep trouble. We are having a Duke at home for lunch today and I don't have anyone to serve him food." she explained.

"Food!" exclaimed Sania, which is the only word she heard.

"I could do it" I tried but my deep coughing gave me away.

"No, but maybe your friend can?" she asked.

Who, Asher?

"Asher?" I asked but she shook her head.

"No, that other one you met yesterday you told me about" she tried to make me remember and I did. Oh, him?

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