I Was His Puppet

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     He started kissing me more. Stripping me of my exclusiveness, and my choice of why I wanted to take me. My choice of who I wanted it to be to first touch my soft, pink, thin lips with theirs. The older boy then told me to take off my clothes. I did as I was told not thinking of the demons that would haunt me in the future. He then told me to go pee. I did as I was told. I was about to grab the toilet paper, but he stopped me and told me not to do it. Again, I did what I was told. Surprising, right?
    Then, his hands pulled me up so just the back of my butt was resting on the warm seat. His head mad it's way in between my legs, and his tongue to my womanhood. He did the sane thing for a while and he popped an erection. So, he pulled out his penis and was trying to get my to touch it. I shook my head telling him, "No." (At least that rat understands some form of consent.) Thus cane then ending to the first undressed session. We then went back into the back room and started jumping on some pillows we had put on the ground. Once again, he started making out with me. This happened every party that he was at over and over again.
    One time, I had to hide behind a shower curtain so no one would know what we had been doing. He was determined, and I was his puppet.

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