No Matter How Hard I Try

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All of this happened one night at a party. My neighbors were always having a party on the weekends. Of course my family was invited as well. So we would go over there when we saw everyone else had pretty much gotten there. So my family and I walked in and socialized for a while until basically all the adults were outside or on the patio-like place. The rest of my family had moved to the backyard, and I was in the back room watching TV away from the drunken and not-so-responsible adults that inhabited the party. Until he comes up. A horny, fifteen - sixteen year old to take advantage of an innocent seven year old. He smooths me over just like those annoying
gnat-like men that you would often see at the bar. Except he didn't have to win me over, because I was already too easy to manipulate.

   He talks and says bluntly as can be, "We are going to do a thing called sex."

Of course I had no idea what that was.

So I asked him, "What is sex?"

He replied with, "It's what we are going to do."

... Well, thanks a lot. That was fucking informative. Next time you do a pedophilic act, break it down so a mouse can understand...

With that behind us, he took me into the bathroom, closed the door, and locked the handle. He walked over to me and said some things, which I can't seem to remember, and kissed me. Not only did he kiss me, but he started making out with me, tongue and all. That was it. My first kiss. Taken away like it was nothing. Never to be returned. Never a memory to cherished, but a memory relished to be forgotten. Never to be remembered like a fleck of dirt on your cheek to be wiped away and never seen again, but like a freckle on your cheek that you can only cover up with such things but it will never go away. The memory will never go away. No matter how hard I try.

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