Chapter 11

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Harry POV

"It's either you come with me or I speak to my dad." Nick says using the same threat as always.  If there's one thing there is to know about Nick it's that, Nick always gets what he wants.

"Look Nick I have to attend this, it's an important lecture." Nick rolls his eyes but I can tell he's thinking about it

"Harry I can't show up without my suppose to be boyfriend." Nick states looking annoyed. "H you can miss this one lecture please for me, I've done so much stuff for you.. you owe me."

That's the only thing Nick can ever say how much I owe him. I wish things were different, where I wasn't put in this situation, were I could be with Louis and only Louis.

Speaking of Louis he had messaged me prior to Nick asking me to attend this work cocktail party. He wanted me to come over and I had immediately agreed and now I'll have to break it to him that I can't.

"Okay I'll be there." I try to smile hoping it's convincing. Nick grins before going to kiss me on the check.

"Great babe I'll see you at eight please be ready." Nick says as he grabs his coat and keys leaving me alone with my thoughts.

Fuck! I was looking forward to seeing Louis it's been three days since I last saw him and I'm going mad. I don't know what it is about Louis that keeps me craving for more. I could never get enough of him or get sick of him.

To Louis:
Are you busy?? I was wondering if we could meet up sooner imy xx

I wait for Louis to reply and decide to get dressed in some comfortable clothes going with some sweatpants that may or may not be from Louis' house.

From Louis:
H you're such a softie and let me just finish something up see you soon baby xx
"Hi Baby!" Louis says as he pecks my lips "How'd you get here?"

Zayn had just dropped me off at Louis's house which thankfully he saw as nothing else than me visiting a friend speaking of Louis he seemed to be all bubbly.

"Zayn, and you seem extra chirpy today I don't remember sucking your dick today?" I say shyly and Louis giggles

"I may have had something before I got here needed a stress reliever.." Louis giggles before pressing kisses all over my face. "You're so cute baby want you all to myself." Louis says in between kisses making me feel warm and happy.

"You smoked weed didn't you?" I ask and by the red in Louis' eyes I could tell he did.

"Yes I did , but I saved some for you..that's only if you want to princess, wanna shot gun?" Louis smiles and I nod rapidly and he pulls me into a hug and then walks us over to his back porch with an arm around my waist protectively making me smile.

He pulls out a blunt along with his lighter.

"Have you done this Hazza?"Louis asks me with concern in his eyes. 

"Yes Lou I've smoked a blunt before I'm friends with Zayn." Louis chuckles and lights up the blunt taking a drag before turning to me, and motioning me to come closer.

He leans in close but not where our lips meet he presses his hand into the back of my neck pulling me closer. I suck the smoke into my mouth then we both pull away as I inhale the smoke and let it hit the back of my throat. We repeat this a couple of times and I take a long drag to finish it off and Louis stares swallowing thickly.

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