"What business is your father in?"

He blinks a few times, eyes flickering with uncertainty. Clearly there is some kind of illegal nature to his fathers doing and considering mine is a lawyer, I don't blame him for being concerned. But then again my boyfriend isn't particularly a law obeying citizen.

"I'm not like Rhys who can just open up with a few words," His tone changes and I try to speak but he continues. "No offense to you but I don't want to tell you and risk anything happening where he's exposed."

"You seem to be forgetting the fact I know nearly everything about Rhys' job. More importantly that I've kept it from my father," His facial expression lightens slightly as I continue. "Besides I didn't ask why, I'm asking what he does for a living by the law."

Lachlan exhales slowly with a nod. "He assists in marketing, profits, advertising and promotion for various businesses. He's a communication type of person, is that enough?"

Although I'm not sure what, there's an underlying meaning to his words. If he's involved in communication stuff I'm assuming that's code for something I don't need or want to know about. That's the connections he has - through his business.

"I didn't think I would ever see you in a GYM," A voice snickers from behind me before I'm flicked with water. I cringe, spinning to face a grinning Jamie. "The phrase 'sweat invested disease centre' comes to mind at the moment."

Her eyes flicker behind me for a moment, the grin slipping momentarily. Glancing over my shoulder I see Lachlan approaching with a small grin. He stops beside me resting his arm on my shoulder.

"Maybe because your methods of persuasion couldn't work?"

Jamie scoffs, daggering him with her eyes. "I don't feel the need to resort to flirting or sex to get others to do something," Her eyes land on me, softening rapidly from the scorn she just gave Lachlan. "So why are you here?"

"He's teaching me how to defend myself," I explain briefly, one eyebrow raises in question while I continue. "Rhys was but he didn't want to accidentally hurt me in the process so he offered to take over."

Jamie turns her attention to Lachlan again who still looks a little insulted over her previous comment. "That was nice of you," His expression seems to perk up in the slightest until the other shoe drops. "Just don't hurt her because I'll hurt you."

"You couldn't hurt me if you tried." He challenges her and she shrugs.

"Maybe not physically," Jamie tilts her head to the side, doing a once over and internally debating with herself. "Actually. I bet I could if I used dirty tactics against you."

"Is that a promise?" His playful demeanor is back as she glances at me. "Because I would love for you to try to take me down, dirty tactics or not."

Jamie clucks her tongue with a fake laugh. "In your dreams playboy," She shakes her head and gives me a tight lipped smile. "Are you doing anything this weekend?"

Reality kicks back in as I remember my dad laying in a hospital bed. You selfish idiot. I shouldn't be here learning to fight or even considering going to a party when he's still hospitalized. Before I can answer Lachlan does.

"Her father's been hospitalized," The way he speaks is gentle, a complete personality switch from his flirtatious or hardass moods from earlier. "Just so you don't take it personal-"

"Why didn't you tell me!" She snaps, regardless of our sweat she pulls me into a death grip. "I swear to god that I will kick your stubborn ass one day for tring to keep me in the dark. What happened?"

When she pulls back I bite the inside of my cheek. "Um. Someone broke into the house and stabbed him. I was upstairs with Rhys who called the police while I helped him not bleed to death. . ."

My heart beat picks up as her eyes widen in shock. Her lips gape like a fish as she tries to find the right words. She knows about my mom and probably knows how traumatic it was for me. Whereas Lachlan would be oblivious.

"Okay so this weekend we're going to a party," I notice the look of disbelief on Lachlan's face. "You can bring Rhys if you want - I suppose Lachlan if you like - but I'm not going to let you wallow in your misery."

"I don't think-"

"No offense to you but I think I know more than you do at the moment," Jamie rolls her eyes while Lachlan still looks gobsmacked that she shut him down so quickly. "It will be fun and I hope you're there, maybe stop stressing yourself out as much by having a distraction."

Nodding I give a tight lipped smile. "Text me the details and I'll consider it."

"Will do," Her eyes flicker to Lachlan who is not so subtly checking her out. "Nothing would make me happier than to put you on your ass right now so you'll stop staring at mine."

I try to intervene. "I don't think you want to-"

"Feel free to try."

He steps back and coax her despite knowing that he's probably going to do the opposite to her. Actually, I know Jamie is capable of throwing a punch because of her father. When she was ten he started teaching her some of the CQC he learnt in the army.

I take her phone, earbuds and water bottle as they walk back to the padded area. It's specified for sparing so they don't have to g into the ring. She bounces on her toes and shrugs her shoulders while Lachlan just looks amused by the whole situation.

"Please don't hurt one ano-ther."

In the time I blink my last word is drawn out by Jamie delivering a jab to his shoulder. He stumbles back with raised eyebrows. "So was it karate you learned? Judo? Tai-kon-do?"

Shrugging her shoulders he shoots out, only for her to deflect and knee him in the stomach. His face reflects irritation as she gives a smug smile, circling as he finally raises his arm in a defensive manor. Oh geez.

"Is someone not feeling so confident anymore?"

Lachlan snorts and shakes his head. "Last chance to walk away with your pride, you got a few jabs in."

I rock back on my heels watching the dance moves of their petty fight. The next time he strikes, she grips his elbow crevice and tries to wrap her leg around his. However, he pulls her close to him and bends the same knee.

She gets tossed to the ground in a less than dignified way. Propping herself on her elbows she glares at him. "Confidence is key sunshine. Here I'll help you up."

When he gets close enough she swipes her feet in a fluid motion so as he goes down, her body rolls back so she's kneeling. He groans, rubbing his head while she pats him on the chest.

"Don't call me sunshine, cupcake."


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