947 57 9

Bambi: gyeom can u pass me the remote

Kyum: ur closer to it than me kun

Bambi: :(

Sunshine: why r u talking thru text?

Bambi: life is hard YoungJae

LifeIsActing101: enOUGh

Kyum: what crawled up ur butt

LifeIsActing101: get out of this u waste of cum

LifeIsActing101; like ur so annoying!

LifeIsActing101: can't u just shut up?

Bambi: *gaSps*

Sunshine: jinyoung that was very rude

Bambi: ntgl that hurts

Kyum left the chat!

JB: jinyoung wtf

Markiepooh: ok that was very harsh

Jackiepooh: smh

Bambi: i hope ur happy jin fucking young

Bambi left the chat!

LifeIsActing101: r u guys rlly taking that brat's side?!

Sunshine: jinyoung, you're not like this

Sunshine left the chat!

Jackiepooh: jinyoung, u know his just a child and he was just joking.

Jakiepooh; and if u don't care abt what he has to say then exit bc this is a group chat and everyone is going to rant abt everything

Jackiepooh left the chat!

Markiepooh: I can't believe u stood so low

Markiepooh left the chat!

LifeIsActing101: ha those fuckers

LifeIsActing101: I can't believe they took his side

LifeIsActing101: I knew u would always b w me JaeBum

JB: g o

JB: f u c k

JB: y o u r s e l f

JB: 🖕🏻

JB: stick it where it doesn't shine

JB left the chat!

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