Chapter 36

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Azreals arms were wrapped tightly around my waist holding me to his hard body. I tried to pull away but he just held me tighter. 

"Come on I have to go downstairs, they are all waiting." I said with a smile running my hands up his chest looping them around his neck. 

"They can wait." 

"It's already been over an hour. If I don't get down there soon Malik is going to come and break the door down to get me." I said with a grin. 

He leaned down and nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck. I sighed and bent my neck to the side as he inspected my new mark. I stood up on my tip toes and ran my hand over the one I had placed onto his shoulder earlier. As I ran my hand over it I felt him shiver in pleasure. With that movement I smiled and fully pulled away from him. 

"I'm going down to see what Malik needs, but your going to stay right here. You need to rest to regain all your strength." I said to him as I backed towards the door. 

He started to speak but before he could say anything I slipped through the door quickly closing it behind me. As I turned away from the door to make my way down the hall I slammed into a rock hard chest. 

Stepping back I rubbed my head where I had hit it. I looked up into Maliks board face. I stepped back away from him as he crossed his arms over his chest. 

"Can I help you?" 

"Your late." He said bluntly. 

"Yes, I was a little preoccupied." I said with a sly grin. 

He looked down at me and shook his head in a knowing way. With that he turned and lead the way. I followed close behind him fixing my shirt as and hair. After a few moments I started to pick up on the sounds of others in the rooms ahead. 

My heart pounded in my chest as we stepped into the large room. There were people everywhere. The room was completely packed with shifters of all shapes, sizes, and ages. All eyes turned to me and many of them falling to my new mark on full display across my shoulder. But after they glanced at it they all lowered there heads in submission. I nodded to them and made my way to the front of the room with Malik. I looked out over the crowd of wolves, my family, my new pack. Looking at them I met each set of eyes. 

"It has been a long night for all of us. The light pack is on our doorsteps. As you all know we are all Azreal was attacked and hurt. But listen well my pack." I said standing taller and moving closer. 

"We are strong, and determined. Nothing will hold us back. This is our home and our family we will not be driven down by a corrupt pack. Darkness always shines brightest in the light. So lets show them what true dark wolves are made of." 


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