Lovely Little Tricks [Oneshot]

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Shepard's Point of View:

"So, Garrus and Tali are a thing?" Liara gasps dramatically.

"Yeah! She didn't tell you either? I just walked in and they were practically making out!" I laugh, then lay down on her bed. She rolls her eyes at me, but then quickly lays down next to me.

"Do you have any more gossip?" She asks me, with a smile on her face.

I get ready to tell her all the juicy gossip I heard at the Citadel the other day, but I am interrupted by loud knocks at the door.

"Liara I need to know if you burrowed something of mine!" Garrus yells.

"Come in, Garrus." I reply, as Garrus walks in then gives a small gasp at the two of us in bed together, then chuckles.

"Sorry to disturb you two with your slumber party," He starts, "but Commander, someone has taken my journal!" He whines.

"Are you serious?" I inquire. He seems very serious and upset, but, why is he so upset about a journal?

"Yes! Now don't laugh!"

"Garrus, we've been to hell and back and you are getting all upset about a diary?"

My comment gets a giggle from Liara, a very small smile from Garrus.

"It's important to him, Shepard." Liara then says as she gives me a motherly look.

"Alright..." I say as I get up from off the bed and put my hands on my hips. "What makes you think someone stole it?"

"I always put it in a certain spot, and it's not there." Garrus explains, "maybe you could search the crew for it, but say it's a new safety protocol?"

"You really think that's a good idea, Garrus?"

"Shepard, if I didn't think it was a good idea I wouldn't have offered it."

"Fair enough, but I'll just ask around first."

"Hey, this could be somewhat fun, Shepard!" Liara pipes up.

"What part? The part of going through the crews unmentionables, or reading Garrus's diary once we find it?" I tease, getting a playful punch in the arm from Garrus.

"Both." Liara laughs, then sits up.

"So, you'll do it?" Garrus asks hopefully.

"Yes, Garrus, we'll try." I nod.

Once Garrus leaves, Liara and I look at each other.

"Do you think James took it, too?" I ask.

"Nope, I bet he left it in his mess of a room." Liara says.

"You bet?" I reply eagerly. "Are you willing to wager a massage?"

"Well, what if we are both wrong?"

"We both give each other massages?" I shrug.

"Alright, it's a bet." Liara smiles.


"Wait, you thought I stole it?" James says, after Liara asked him about Garrus's 'journal.'

"I don't, Shepard does." Liara explains.

"Well I didn't, but if you guys find it I call dibs on reading it."


"Ooooh Garrus's diary!" Tali giggles in excitement. "I wish I had that, but I don't. Maybe ask your pilot; I saw him talking to Garrus yesterday."


"Me? Take Garrus's diary? I have the Normandy to fly, not journals to steal. EDI can even vouch for me, right EDI?" Joker says as he looks over to EDI.

"Yes. Commander Shepard, he did not, but I can preform a lie detector test to ease your worry." EDI offers.

"No, we are good, thank you EDI."

"I would also like to add that I did not steal the journal either, but it would be wise to ask Liara." EDI says.

"Was that a joke?" I ask, confused.

"No. I believe Liara stole Garrus's journal." EDI responds confidently.


Liara laughs in response, "I guess we are both getting massages from each other tonight."


Once we are back in Liara's room she pulls Garrus's diary out from under her bed.

"Should we read some?" Liara whispers.

"How long have you had this, and why?!" I laugh as I whisper back.

"Only a few hours ago; he left it on the table where the crew eats, so I actually did him a favor! I was tempted to read it, but I couldn't without you, and look: now I've won a free massage from it."

I give her a quick kiss on the lips then laugh. "You are too kind~"

She smiles then rests her head on my shoulder. "Should we start at the newest entry, or oldest?"

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