When everything finally stops, I am standing in the same spot. The scene if front of me is different. I'm no longer alone in the field of tall grass, there are two small Native American children playing by the river, a boy and a girl. They look to be about four years old. I recognize them instantly, it is Cheveyo and me as children.I slowly walk forward, they continue to play as if they can'thear me.

My hair is braided down the middle and hangs down the center of my back, a small deerskin dress covers my body and I am wearing moccasins, Cheveyo sits next to me wearing small animal skin pants and nothing else. They are laughing and splashing water at each other. my younger self stops and frowns at Cheveyo. He stops splashing and looks deep into her eyes, after a moment he turns and looks in my direction.

He obviously can't see me because he hasn't acknowledged my presence. I figured they wouldn't see me anyway, I've seen Harry Potter get ignored in every memory he ever saw. "Cheveyo?" She asked in her tiny toddler voice. She sounds as if she has a question she wants to ask but she is too afraid.

"V v?" (Yes) He said, his eyes snapping back to hers instantly. When I looked into his eyes, I saw the pure love, affection, passion, devotion and concern. They showed so strongly, it made my heart clinch. I never knew such a young child could show so many feelings with just one look. The little me put her head down and didn't speak. He slid closer to her and lifted her head with his hand. She looked at him with sadness and worry.

"Ga do u s di, Tsu tso a se di, ni hi?" (What troubles you?) He asked with a tiny voice full of concern. His childish face showed the same. Even though he is four years old, he has a strong voice. His voice is full of determination and fight. He is a born warrior and you can tell even now. She shook her head, trying not to look at him. "Ho wa tsu." (Please.) He whispered desperately. She finally looked at him. She spoke to him hesitantly.

"Wi li, ni hi, E do a, Gv do di, A yv, i go hi da quu ge sv?" (Will you stay with me forever?) Her eyes filled with tears and they leaked down her tan cheeks. Cheveyo smiled lightly and wiped away her tears with his thumb.       

"A yv, wi li, e do a, gv do di, ni hi, i go hi da quu ge sv." (I will stay with you forever.) he whispered gently in her ear and kissed her cheek. My heart clenched again at his words and gentleness.   

Everything started to spin again and when it came to a stop, I am standing in the same spot by the river and now I saw Cheveyo and I at about seven years old. instead of playing, they are laying side by side near the water. Their hands are locked together like they wouldn't let go if their life depended on it. both of our hair had gotten longer and we started looking more and more like ourselves.       

"A yv, Gv ge yu i, ni hi, Catori." (I love you.) He said smiling lovingly at her at her. His voice had a little since the last time. She rolled onto her side and stroked his cheek. My features had also matured, I look more like I do now. My hair shadows my face but I can see myself smiling happily.  

"A yv, Gv ge yu i, ni hi, Cheveyo." (I love you) I said back. We lay silent for a while. We lay there staring at each other, both of our eyes were shining with feelings for each other. He ran his fingers through her hair and sat up on his elbows. She rolled onto her back as he hovered above her. "Hi la go, Ye li que, i tsu la, Na s gi na i, A quatse li, l yu de ti yv da?" (How can we love so young?) She asked looking up at him, curiosity and wonder painting her face.  

He smiled lightly and pecked her lips quickly. She gasp as she felt the tingle and spark of his kiss. I felt them also, kind of weird being kissed by your seven-year old lover. It doesn't matter, he's the same man. She pressed her fingers to her lips and smiled bashfully. "i tsu la, i ya da dv ne di, Gv ge yu i." (We represent love.) He said kissing her forehead this time. She smiled brightly and slide closer to him, laying her head on his shoulder.      

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