Chapter 5- The Backseat Was Invented For A Reason

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Lydia's POV
Okay, to say I freaked out would be an understatement. I screamed which caused him to fall out of the bed. Then I started grabbing my hair and chanting "no no no! What did I do?" Over and over again.

Then he freaked out.

"Lydia?! What the hell?"

"What do you mean what the hell?! Look at us! I'm in nothing but your T-Shirt and all I remember is playing beer pong, singing to Grace somehow and then waking up, the rest is a blur. Shit did we-"

"God no! You really don't remember what happened last night?"

"Well were we even safe?!" I shouted apprehensively, tears starting to form at my eyes. He chuckles and shakes his head which only made me cry more.

"We didn't have sex Lydia. You were so drunk that we couldn't even put you in the car, everyone stayed here last night. You woke up screaming in the middle of the night and once I woke you up, you started crying and asked me to stay with you." This time it was my turn to sign in relief. That was until Vince came into the room which caused me to scream again and hit the floor. Thank god he didn't see me.

"Wakey wakey Nate! It's breakfast time, everyone is already downstairs. How was your night?" Vince questions, Nate chuckles.

"Very interesting. You all got pretty drunk though, do you remember what happened" Nathan asks, Vince shakes his head.

"I don't know man, I got pretty hammered. But I do remember you flirting with Lydia last night, and by the looks of it she was pretty into you too." Vince replied with a wink.

Me into Nathan? No way!

"Alright well thanks man, I'm going to finish getting dressed."

"I hope you two get together Nate, your connection seemed special. Anyways, breakfast is downstairs if you want it. I'll see you downstairs. Bye Lydia!" Vince closed the door and I popped my head up. I automatically frowned, Nathan just started hysterically laughing.

"How did he know I was in here?!" I whisper shouted, Nathan shook his head. "Well you started screaming last night which woke everyone up and then you screamed just now. I'm not going to lie, we were all pretty worried about you. Are you okay now?" He asks with a look of sympathy on his face, I chuckle.

"Of course I'm okay. Why wouldn't I be? Can I have my clothes now?" I snap, Nathan handed me my clothes and was looking at me up and down.

"Stop looking at me perv!" I snapped while putting my dress back on, he chuckled. "I mean we've already seen each other in our underwear-"

"I'm still curious about that. How did I end up naked in your shirt?" He starts laughing which only made me glare at him. "It's not funny! I'm not doing the walk of shame again! The first time was embarrassing enough so at least tell me what happened before I-"

"Wait this happened to you before?" He questions, still chuckling, I grunt at the memory. "Kind of, but it's not like I didn't remember what happened. Now stop joking around and tell me!"

"Okay so basically you kept complaining that you were hot so you stripped down in front of me, Piper and Blaire and then plopped on the bed. Piper made me give her my shirt and she kicked me out so I am guessing that she put it on you. Now come on, breakfast is downstairs."

Once we got downstairs, Nathan turned on his phone only to have it blowing up with all different messages, voicemails, snapchats, and Instagram tags. It was crazy.

Everyone was silent while eating, that was until Vince decided to break the silence. "So, I see that I'm not the only one getting tagged in stuff from last night. It was a crazy party, shit always happens. But this picture of Lydia and Nate at midnight is pretty aesthetically pleasing."

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