Unwanted guests

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(Sorry for being away for so long, I had exams so I had to study, also I was busy with other things)

AJ glanced at Rainbow in shock, Rainbow's parents liked AJ and thought she was a good influence on Rainbow. This could change.

"W-what do you mean your parents are coming??" AJ asked in fear

Rainbow couldn't pay attention to anything that AJ was saying. At this moments she was speechless and didn't know what to do.

"We're just gonna have to pretend there's nothing going on between us for the whole of summer" Rainbow said with a nervous chuckle

AJ narrowed her eyes at Rainbow in a judgmental way "Rainbow, you're being immature, you shouldn't be ashamed to tell your parents we're dating"

Rainbow sighed rubbing the sweat off her forehead with her palm.

"We're gonna have to clean up all of the clothes from the floor, I don't think they will find it normal that our underwear is chucked across the room" Rainbow said nervously.

AJ laughed as she picked her underwear up. AJ later noticed Rainbow's underwear was hanging on the chandelier just above the fireplace.

AJ smirked a little "were we really that wild last night?" AJ thought to herself.

AJ jumped up to reach for Rainbows underwear. She caught them and threw them to Rainbow.

A few hours later

There was a loud knock on the main entrance of the lake house. Rainbow knew it was her Parents.

Rainbow opened the door and greeted her mom and dad. Rainbow's mom made her way to AJ to hug her, Rainbow's mom was like a second mother to AJ.

Rainbow mom gasped as she held AJ by the cheeks "you've grown so much since the last time I saw you!"

AJ blushed lightly "is that good or bad?" AJ asked.

Rainbow's dad also greeted AJ but not as warmly as Rainbow's mom, AJ didn't know her dad that well since he's always at work.

Rainbow wanted this summer to be the most craziest summer of all time, her parents ruined everything she had planned.

Rainbow's dad brought in all the luggage from the car and a few plastic bags with a months worth of alcohol.

AJ rolled her eyes "guess I know where most of Rainbow's genes and party animal spirit comes from now" AJ whispered to herself.

Rainbow's parents were pretty chill and childish for their age.

With alcohol as their ultimate distraction, AJ and Rainbow could somehow survive this summer. At the moment telling her parents about her relationship was not the right time. Rainbow needed more time.

Evening time

Rainbow Dash' parents were totally drunk and were messing around in the living room.

Rainbow and AJ sat in the kitchen discussing how they will tell Rainbow's parents that their dating

Rainbow walked outside onto the platform she needed a break from all of this. She looked at the stars.

AJ followed her. She was worried about Rainbow. She stood next to Rainbow and looked up.

"Why are there no stars in the sky?" AJ asked with confusion

Rainbow glanced at AJ with confusion "what are you talking about? There's trillions of stars in the sky"

AJ was focussing on a small section of the sky above the mountains where there were no stars "I don't see any" AJ said

Rainbow noticed AJ wasn't looking where she was looking "because you're not looking properly" Rainbow said quietly walking behind AJ

"What do you me-" AJ stopped speaking as she felt Rainbow's  warm hands cover her eyes from behind. Rainbow gently pulled AJ's head back to look at the sky exactly where Rainbow saw the stars.

Rainbow pulled her hands away and placed them on AJ's waist  "do you see them now?" Rainbow asked as her hot breath entered AJ's right ear which made AJ gasp quietly.

A certain thought had come across AJ's mind. AJ pulled away from the back hug and turned to face Rainbow " Rainbow, how did we get from being best friends to being...well...this?"

Rainbow looked at AJ and then back at the sky " AJ...I had a crush on you since the age of 13, I had a feeling this would happen sooner or later" Rainbow smirked.

AJ blushed "wow, you struggled for this long?" AJ said before gently kissing Rainbow on the lips.

Rainbow brushed her fingertips on the side of AJ's neck slowly moving it to her collarbone "So...uh, my parents are drunk and probably don't care about us right now, so maybe we could...uh...you know..." rainbow looked deeply into AJ's eyes.

AJ knew exactly what she wanted and she dragged Rainbow by her t-shirt into the wardrobe in one of the rooms they haven't been to.

AJ knew that they would get caught if they were in Rainbows bedroom.

Rainbow started undressing AJ and kissing her neck. The wardrobe was rocking around making noises and they didn't realise.

They could hear the music playing in the living room and they could hear Rainbow's parents singing to Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana

With music playing that loud there is no way they would hear Rainbow and AJ...or would they?

(Yeh I know it's short, I rushed it but I'll make sure the next few chapters will be more detailed and interesting xD)

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