The Aguria Sisters, Meeting

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Natsu's P.O.V.

Apparently, me and Luce had really weird dreams. We discussed about them, and found them so irregular that we just decided to go training to cool off our brains.

We decided that the best way to practice was against each other, so we created our own battlefield on the grass. As we stood on opposite sides, she yelled out at me. 

"Don't go easy on me just because we had a rough time!" she said. 

"I won't!" I promised. 

We started our battle. She pulled out a key, and I got into my own battle position.



Sagittarius fired a volley of arrows, and the magical attacks collided, then canceled each other out. 

"Natsu! I don't think we're gonna get anywhere with this tactic. Since you're a little more stronger than me, why don't you fire an attack towards me, and I'll try to defend myself without any spirits?" she suggested.

"But you'll get hurt!" 

"No, I just need a distraction. (A/N -wink-wink-) Besides, I'll just fix myself up or Horologium will come out of nowhere. Don't worry about me." she said.

"Okay.... if you say so."

"Gimme one of your dragon's roars for now. We'll go into more intense training later."

"Alright. FIRE DRAGONS, ROOOAAAAR!" I shouted, giving it my all. I knew that a weak roar she would just sidestep and scold me, but she seemed satisfied, recalled Sagittarius as the attack headed towards her, took something out of her pocket, rubbed it on her arm, and crossed her arms in front of her face, and braced herself for the attack. I kept the attack going, and the attack hit her, pushing her backwards so fast that the wind picked up and carried me along with it. So basically, I was firing a whirlwind of fire at her, and I was slowly moving forward as well due to the impact. I finally stopped the attack, and found her completely gone out of my sight. I panicked. I shot up into the air, trying to look for her, and ended up following the massive hole I dug, or it was more of a hole that a river could run through. 

I hope she's okay. 

Yukino's P.O.V.(A/N betcha forgot about the gall, huh?._.)

Sting, Kagura, Rogue and I were going towards the newly repaired battlefield to train. We were going to battle, until a blast of wind came along, and a leather pouch came flying, and the wind momentarily stopped. I ran out, looking at the pouch, then lifting the top to see what was inside. I was so shocked, I dropped it. Sting came over, touching my forehead.

"You're pale. What's wrong? Did you hurt yourself? Do you need the hospital or something?" he asked, looking at me oddly.  I shook my head, and picked the pouch up and opened it for all of them to see. They all stopped breathing for a short amount of time. In the pouch, was 6 zodiac keys, and 5 silver keys.(she's got all of em)

My hands shook, and I felt as if I had to handle these with surgical gloves right this instant. This was half of the zodiac in my hands. Sting touched my face, and I realized I had been crying. He hugged me, and I my tears slowly dropped as I held them in my hands. Kagura and Rogue suddenly turned around, and created a mini barrier as the gust of wind picked up again. 

"These keys belong to another wizard. There's a strong celestial wizard out there, you guys!" I shouted excitedly, breaking free from Sting's grip and since the wind was so powerful, Kagura and Rogue's barrier didn't last long, and I stepped out in front. 

"YUKI! WATCH OUT!" I heard them cry out. I combined my golden keys with the other 6, and created a celestial barrier. It was going successfully until I saw a girl embracing a fire attack. Suddenly, the keys gravitated towards her, and I saw them fit themselves right into her hands. This should be the celestial wizard. I was going to rush out until I saw the huge burst of fire. Suddenly, she turned around, motioned for us to get out of her way, and took out her keys. She unlatched all of them, and they suddenly arranged themselves in a circular order. They created their own powerful blast that I could sense were the zodiac spirits themselves. Then, the fire split into 2. The spirits took care of the top volley, and the girl got on her knees, and began to chant. 

"O stars, far and wide, that embody the heavens." she began, and my eyes widened. Urano Metria! This was a really powerful wizard, being able to summon 6 zodiac spirits and hold on to that spell. I suddenly help her hand, and chanted the spell along with her. 

"By thy radiance, reveal thy form to me.

I implore you, O Tetribiblos,

Ruler of the stars, let your unrestrained rage flow. 

With all heavenly bodies, shining, 

URANO METRIA!"we chanted, firing the spell at the bottom fire spin. 

The fire died out, and the girl picked up her key. She smiled brightly at me. Then, she started to fall over. 

"Thank you." she whispered as she collapsed. 

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