New School, New People

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I walked to my new school this morning.
My old, torn, black leather boots hitting the pavement as I try my best to not step on the cracks in the sidewalk while I have my earphones in, listening to Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart.
I've always admired classical music. Especially in the early morning while I breathe in the cool fall air of Williamstown, Massachusetts.

My mother and I moved here all the way from Brooklyn, New York 2 weeks ago to get away from my father and brother after the divorce.
I had a perfect life till I came out to my family.
My mom was okay with me being a lesbian, it's my dad who had a problem.
He told me straight to my face that he didn't want a daughter who liked other girls.

I don't really care what he thinks.
I like who I am and I'm not going to change for some man.
So, I was the cause for my parents splitting up.
I feel horrible just thinking that I was the reason why their marriage ended.

As the large brick building comes into my view, I take my earbuds out and wrap them around my phone so I can hold onto them as I take a few deep breaths to calm myself.
I try to regulate my steps so people around the school don't judge the way I walk.
Teens these days can be so quick to criticize.

I walk into my new school and people around me are already looking at me weirdly.
I don't think I'll make it through the day with having a mental breakdown in the bathroom later.
I hate moving.
When I moved away from my home, I also move away from my friends, family, school, everything.
Luckily this city isn't as big as Brooklyn.

As soon as I get to the front office by the school entrance, I start panicking.
I have to speak to someone and pick up my school schedule.
I get a little scared when I have to speak to people.
I hesitantly walk up to the front desk where a tall woman with dark hair wearing a black pantsuit with a floral shirt underneath.

She looked up at me with a smile and held out her hand as she introduced herself.
"Hi, I'm Ms.Ryder, the principal.
You must be Sophia Lillis."
I grab her hand and shake it with a nervous grin.
"Yes, I-I'm Sophia."
Why did I stutter?

Ms.Ryder smiled and nodded while we retracted our hands.
I wiped mine on my red cotton dress because of how much I was sweating.
The older woman scavenged through folders as she was talking to me.
"So, you're new here.
What do you think of Heather High so far?"

I don't really know how to answer that question.
I've been here for not even five minutes and I've already gotten dirty looks from the other students so, I guess you could say my experience so far isn't very pleasant.
Of course I'm not gonna tell her that, she's the principal.

"It looks amazing.
I can't wait to see more."
I reply.
Ms.Ryder looks up from a folder she had in her hand with a bright smile as if that's what she wanted to hear.
"That's great.
Maybe I'll have someone show you around before you head off to class."
She states.

I try to hold on my smile, but my cheeks start to hurt.
Suddenly, I hear the doors to the office burst open and I snap my head around to find the cause.
A boy with short blonde-ish brown hair runs in holding his left hand over his right forearm rushing towards where I was standing.
He starts rambling to Ms.Ryder.

"Noni, I need a bandage!
I got stabbed with another fucking pencil! There's blood all over my hand and my arm and-
just get me a damn band-aid before I get aids!"

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