Jonofriku (Shift AU)

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Shift AU is a AU that I made up myself. It's real life like they go watch a movie or they go play video games and stuff like that but the personalities and what they are wearing are different. Cory is Dawn, Dawn is Ashley, Ashley is Jon, Jon is Nick, Nick is Uni, Uni is Tommy and Tommy is Cory.

Dawn's POV

Today we were going to the movies. I was really excited since the Harry Potter movie was playing. It wasn't new but they are going to be replay the movie. Tommy is going to pick us up, WHEN HE GETS HERE. Tommy is going to pick up Cory, Uni, Nick and I. I didn't like it because Uni will keep calling me a worm. I'll just have to wait for him to come.

Time skip brought to you by Corby

Tommy finally came and I went inside. Cory sat in the back with Nick and Uni sat in the front. "Hey Worm" Uni said. "Don't call me a worm." (I don't know Ashlie's personality that well) I said to him. Nick was in the back drawing and Cory was just Cory. "Get in before I punch you in the face" Tommy said. I was sitting next to Nick who was in between me and Cory. "So, when we get there, Ashley and Jon will already be there so we'll have to find them before the movie starts" Tommy explains. "Shut up freak" said Uni. "I'm just trying to warn you guys before we get kicked out of the movies" Tommy replied. "I don't think it's the time to fight guys" Cory said calmly. "You don't want to see Uni get as salty as Nick does" I said. "Hey, I don't get salty" Nick said. Before we began to argue, Tommy says "We're here". I got excited and jumped out of the car. "Hurry up" I said. "The woman is beating us" Uni said. "I'm not a worm" I said. " I think Jon and Ashley are probably waiting for us" Cory said with the same tone.

Jon's POV

We finally arrive to the movies. The rest are taking forever surprisingly since Dawn really wanted to see this movie. To be honest, Cory and Nick were dragged to the movies. Cory was finishing some severs and games for us to play and Nick needed to make thumbnails and speed art for his channel. I am not hyped for this movie but I'm planning on sitting next to Dawn and hugging him. He is very cute and does really stand out from the others.

Time skip brought to you by Zrescomics

Jon's POV

We all sat down and it was about 1 hour since the movie started and I notice that Dawn was was slowly curling up next to me. I took the chance and wrapped my arm around his. He started to blush and I smiled. I think Uni noticed and and told me to shred on him him. "Stop" Dawn whined. "What an I doing?" I asked. "Teasing me" he answered. "Well this isn't teasing" I said and gave him a kiss on the lips. He blush even more. Cory looked over and smiled, then looked away. I thought that Cory was jelous but then I remembered that Cory was dating some one else that I can't remember his name. I am one step ahead of being in a a relationship with Dawn.

Hey lover. I was planning on making Tommy have Dawn's clothes and personalities but that wouldn't work because they're the opposite. Do you think that I should keep it how it is or do you mean to shift it even more. Let me know in the comments if I should shift the character's clothes and personalities. Thanks for reading and have a great day. Luna out.

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