Chapter 9

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Rachel POV

Don't get me wrong, I don't like teasing him but it's so sexy. Honestly it's a complete turn on for me at least

I had a couple more classes to go through. I honestly don't think school is all that bad anymore to be honest, I have a lot of friends and a sexy man to comfort me so my life isn't all that bad.

At lunch I decided to pay Finn a visit in his classroom, brilliant.

I walk in to see him looking at his computer intensely, he didn't even notice that I had walked in.

"Hey" I say breaking the comfortable silence making him jump and breathe a sigh of relief.

"Oh hey" he said rubbing his eyes from all of the work he had been doing today

I sat in his lap and looked at him

"How's your day been?" I asked playing with the buttons on his collar

"Ok I guess, you?"

"Shit, but up until now" I say kissing him quick incase anyone saw

"Are you coming over? Later I mean" he asked tasing his eyebrow making me smile

"I don't know, maybe." I say running my hand down his shirt and onto his crotch area

He sucked in a deep breath

I started rubbing faster feeling a bulge begin to arrive in the intimate area of himself.

I slowly unbuttoned his trousers leaving him speechless that this fantasy was coming true

I pulled them all down halfway exposing his huge erection, I smiled widely and gladly took him into my mouth and bobbed my head.

"Fuck" he managed to say

I started humming making the vibe rations run up through Finns dick and giving him the sensation of cumming into my mouth.

I stood up and swallowed

He pulled up his boxers and trousers and kissed me deeply

"I'll repay you later baby" he said winking. kissing me again with just as much passion

I slowly bent over teasing him to see my ass through the Cheerios uniform I had on. I slapped my ass playfully. I smirked knowing that I was driving him completely insane

"God why are you so good at that?" He asks me in awe of what I was doing

"Practice makes perfect baby" I smirk

He pulls me closer to him and groped my ass and caresses it smoothly

I pull his tie down to face me, our lips only millimetres apart but he obviously couldn't handle it so he pulled me in for another deep steamy kiss

We let go to get air, if kissing burned calories, I would be a fucking stick by now by the raw me and Finn are going at

"I'll see you later baby" I say kissing him once more before walking out to go and find Santana.

I obviously left Finn wanting more but he can wait until later lol.

I met up with Santana and smiled at me

"What?" I ask

"You must have mr Hudson a bj" she says

How the fuck did she know?

"How did you-" I got cut off

"Hello? Bitch it's me." She says butting in

"God damn it Santana, you should be a psychic" I laugh

"I know right?!" She laughs also

My life is brilliant right now

Soz I've not updated, depression is a bastard, I'll try and update as much as possible right now. Love you all 😘💖❣️💕❤️

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