Note of the Week (Nov 17th)

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Finally after much waiting, Love and Hamburgers gets into the the real meat and potatoes this week. A Girl Named Mandy is a bit of a quirk that happened.  

As I mentioned before, I originally wrote this as a short story called The Travelers for my masterclass at I.U. In the original story Mandy was Rick's old manager and girlfriend. It was meant to show that Rick had a pattern with women, but to also give a juxtaposition in Liz. 

In the original story, Mandy only existed as a few lines here or there as a reference by Rick or Liz. But when the class read the story, they all went nuts over the character of Mandy. Everyone felt like this was a big missing part of the story. 

I knew that the adventures in Denver need a huge amount of fleshing out. One chapter soon became two chapters, then more.

I hope you enjoy 'Act 2' of Love and Hamburgers. As always, Votes and comments are appreciated. 

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