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Here is the oc, she belongs to me and so does the artwork.

Name: Shiori Mikazuki

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Name: Shiori Mikazuki

(Shiori means "Poem"... Mikazuki means "Crescent moon")

Age: Beginning of story 5 - 15, 25+ later.

Height: 4' 7" at beginning of story, 5'4" later.

Jinchuuriki to the 2-tailed Demon wolf, Ookami. (Yes, I know there's already a 2 tails, but this is my story, soooo deal with it :P)

Eyes: Bright blue, but turn gold when she uses her kekkei genkai

Hair: Very long, lower-back length with bangs that are parted slightly to her right side... Dark brown, but turns white when she uses her kekkei genkai.

Facial markings: A golden crescent shaped moon on her forehead, red coloring around the tops of her eyes, and small, red lightning-shaped marks on her cheeks.

The Mikazuki clan members all have light-blue crescent-shaped moons in the middle of their fore-heads... except Shiori's, which is a golden color.

Origin: Village Hidden in the Forest

Kekkei-genkai: Can control wolves, including being able to spiritually enter their bodies. Also able to physically transform her body with wolf-like traits. Senses are heightened, and speed is boosted. In the wolf-form, she gains claws and fangs, and wolf's eyes, with wolf ears and a tail. The most important part of her kekkei genkai is that the Mikazuki are able to share part of their hearts and life-force with another person, to save them from death, or resurrect them. Can only be used once, and using it seals their fate in the after life. If used on someone pure-hearted they are granted access to Paradise when they die; while if used on someone evil, they lose their souls, and disappear as if they never existed.

The "Mangetsu" eyes are also part of the Mikazuki's kekkei genkai. The eyes resemble a wolf's eye. These eyes are able to control wolves, and even their enemies to an extent (depending how strong the user of the eyes are). These eyes are also able to cast a genjutsu that causes the target to hallucinate, and see images of whatever the user desires.

Clan origins: The Mikazuki are a clan who are one with the wolf. Each member has at least 1 wolf companion, which chooses them, they bond spiritually with the wolves and have a strong connection. The Mikazuki are the only clan that is able to control and tame the 2 tailed demon wolf, and have been entrusted by the Village Hidden in the Forest to contain it ever since it could be remembered. The Mikazuki are also the only people who are actually able to be "one" with the demon, the wolf demon actually takes a liking to the host (as long as they are from the Mikazuki clan) and grants them her full power, including allowing the host to transform into her with full control. The hosts are always chosen by the demon herself, when the host she is within grows too old. The demon also has a "human" like form that she can take when speaking with her hosts, or even when she is summoned by the host.

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