I Hate Life. It Hates Me Too.

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I Hate Life. It Hates me too.

Chapter 1

I was walking home from school. After another torturous day at school I went home to evil parents. Yup, my life really sucks. At school I was made fun of because of the way I look. At home I get beaten. I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, really skinny feature and all in all I'm really pretty. The one thing that's off about me is my freakishly pale skin and fangs. I was not a vampire, but I looked extremely odd with fangs and pale skin.

Three years ago my younger sister Eliza died. She was in a car crash that went off a bridge. Before that my family was as happy as could be. Now I'm beaten and "not part of the family cause I'm to disrespectful." They beat me. Not fair there.

I was walking across the bridge Eliza died on. I slowly walked across it thinking of every good memory of my sister, my family, and me. My house was right down the road from the bridge. As I approached my house I heard screaming, crying, and things being broken. Without thinking I tried to run to my neighbors house to call 911. But somebody grabbed my hair and spun me around. It was one of my dad's friends who helped to beat me. He pushed me towards the house and I got the message. "Get inside now or you will die" kind of thing.

I sighed and walked up to the front door. The screaming was done. As I walked through my living room and to the kitchen I saw splotches of blood. I got really scared and walked to the counter and looked behind it. I saw my mother's nonmoving body, with blood all around her. I screamed but was soon picked up and thrown against the wall. I cried lightly and looked up. It was my father. I grabbed me by the hair and shoved me against the wall. He grabbed a knife and cut my leg. Then my arm, then my cheek. After he decided to punch me in the gut four times before he finally let me drop to the floor.

I laid there conscious but barely. My father walked away and grabbed his keys. He grabbed a suitcase, I didn't notice when I came in, and whispered something like goodbye. He left and I hoped never came back.

I lifted myself and wobbled over to the closet and grabbed a few towels. I held them to my injuries for awhile till they stopped bleeding. I cried even more and went up stairs. I grabbed a suitcase out of my closet and packed my clothes. After grabbing my money, my clothes, my ipod, and my favorite teddy bear, Beary, I grabbed the suitcase and left.

I walked down the street for awhile looking for somewhere anywhere to stay. Even a hospital. Then a black van came up. Yup here comes more crap and injuries. After I thought I was safe. Silly me!(sarcasm) Why would I think that? Life hates me so of course I'd get kidnapped. Screw. My. Freaking. Life.


Alright this is my first story and I hope you like it. Comment. Vote. Fan. PleaseJ It's kinda short and I wanna make the chapters longer. Tell me what you think of chapter one first. Thanks bye!!!!!!



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