Part 11

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At night, Manik took out the contents he got from Aarav's room. It included few diaries and an envelope. He started going through Aarav's diaries. Few of the relevant entries :

"Today my friends forced me and took me to a cultural program.I wasn't interested,I was getting bored and probably would have dozed off. One performance ended and the next performance started. Seeing the next participant not only blew away my sleep, but also my senses. I was mesmerized by her beauty. Her beautiful eyes and innocent face attracted me."

"I found out that her name is Naina, probably her parents named her seeing her beautiful eyes.It is two days since I saw her, but she has been on my mind all the time since then. I want to see her again."

"My wish was fulfilled, I saw Naina today. She was crossing the road with an old lady. She left the old lady across the road, went back and disappeared soon afterwards. Probably she was helping the old lady."

"Today, I saw her again and followed her. She went to an orphanage and spent some time there. Naina not only looks beautiful, but she is beautiful at heart too."

"I have been following her for sometime now. How do I approach her? I can introduce myself as her fan and compliment her. What if she thinks that I am a flirt like Arya?"

"Today, when I was following Naina, she tripped and started rolling off the hill. I was so scared. I thought I lost her, but I managed to save her. I wanted to take her in my arms, but stopped since people started gathering there. Though I have been following her for quite sometime, she doesn't know me. I am a stranger to her. What she would have thought if I had embraced her? She thanked me for saving her life. I feel she is the one for me, I don't want to lose her."

This was the incident that he felt he had been through earlier too.

"I met Naina today. Though I had made up my mind that I will talk to her today, I was nervous. She recognized me and smiled. That gave me enough courage to start the conversation."

"We met a few times and we are good friends now, but she is much more than a friend to me. I think she likes me. I don't know if she loves me too. I have to convey my feelings to her soon."

"How shall I propose her?......I will write a song about how I feel for her."

"Today, I proposed her by singing the song I wrote for her at the same place we first met.She accepted my proposal. She liked the song I composed for her. I am the happiest person on earth today."

"Today,we met an artist. He was in need of money, so he requested us and we agreed. He drew a sketch of us together. I will treasure it forever, since it is our first picture together."

"Arya saw us together today. I introduced Naina to Arya. Arya congratulated me on my selection."

"I have to talk to Mom and Dad about Naina soon. Naina also told she will talk to her parents soon. Will our parents agree? Hope they do."

"Naina had a fear what if our parents don't agree. I comforted her telling that we will convince our parents. We will face any obstacles that comes on our way together. We promised each other we will stay together forever."

After reading the entries, Manik started getting blurred images related to his past life. He was yet to remember his past completely.

After that there were not many entries in the dairy. He opened the envelope.There were a few things in it. It also included a sketch and some music sheets. The sketch was of Aarav and Naina. Aarav and Naina looked exactly like Manik and Nandini.

There was a sheet that had music notes of the tune, the one which was Manik's favorite, with different lyrics. It was also the one which Nandini felt was for her. Manik decided to talk to Nandini the next day, since it was already very late in the night.

Same night after making sure everyone had gone to sleep, Nandu and Cabir went to Aarav's room. They had to tamper with the lock. They setup Aarav's room according to their plan. They put some cameras in Aarav's room too.

Next day, Nandu and Cabir were ready for their plan execution.

For their plan to be a successful, Nandu shouldn't go infront of Aryaman.So Cabir had to execute the first step of their plan.

Cabir went to Aryaman's room without anyone noticing him. Using chloroform, Cabir made Aryaman unconscious. Cabir and Nandini somehow managed to get Aryaman to Aarav's room without anyone doubting them.

They had planned in such a way that Aryaman would gain consciousness in the night, when rest of the house is sleeping. It would be easier to execute their plan without any disturbance. Also night time would be perfect to produce the desired effect for their plan to be successful.

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