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 “She's pretty hot,” A voice said as its hand touched my face. It was a cold hand, sweaty and smelt of carrots. It did one useful thing though and helped me up. I turned around and saw it was none another than Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, right here at Jade's party, she'd freak out and run up to them.

 “Omg your-” I squealed before being interrupted by Niall. His finger touched my lips and he simply nodded.  “One Direction, you a crazy fan?” He asked, raising his eyebrows. His Irish accent was gorgeous and yes I was a fan but I wasn't crazy like Jade. He walked me over to this car which was probably Louis's which was black and had a fire design imprinted on it.  “Wow!” I yelled and Niall pulled me across to where Louis was. 

 “You knocked your head and me and Louis were passing by,” Niall explained in full detail. So wait, let me get this straight, he and Louis were at the party? 

 “You were at the party?” I asked. Niall didn't reply till a moment later.  “Yes and no, we arrived just before you had your little accident,” He smiled and pointed to the scar on my head which was covered with a bandage, it was stained and put on tightly.

  “So what are you guys doing now?” I asked casually as Louis tapped on his phone. Great, both boys were unsocial were they? Niall looked up and smiled as his braces showed up. He was beautiful with or without them.   “I fancy pizza, who's in?” Niall asked, holding out his phone ready to  a pizza takeout.   “Jade might have some in the party,”  I added as Niall stopped. 

  “Okay, we'll go inside, fair deal?”  He asked, holding out his hand, waiting for me to hold it. 

Me, Louis and Niall walked inside, where everyone gasped.

  “OMG, YOUR-” Jade shouted, repeating the words I said earlier on. Yes it was true, two of the most hottest people on earth graced the party in true style. Jade ran over to us with a tray of canapes.

  “Hi, Jade McBell, hostess,”   She smiled, reaching out her hand. Louis passed on holding her hand and simply smiled at her.

     “Niall Horan,” Niall smiled as he shook Jade's hand. We walked over to the dance floor where everyone was dancing.

 “Katy, there you are!”  Jordan ran up to me as I grumbled. Oh god, he found me. I sighed as Niall looked up to Jordan.

 “I er.. went to the bathroom,” I lied as Jordan waited for an explanation. True is, I thought he was gonna hurt me or rape me and then marry me although it's probably just me exagerrating.   Niall must of walked off somewhere because when I blinked, both Jade and him were gone so maybe they went upstairs? I smiled, I felt proud of my best friend wanting to pursure him, after her previous boyfriend - Martin, she never found love and was seriously depressed.

 “Where's Niall?”  Louis asked, returning with a handful of snacks in his hand. I didn't really know Louis much because he was quiet and kept to himself before but I wasn't gonna let that get in the way of not getting to know him.

 “Don't know,”  I rolled my eyes. I didn't tell him that he ran off with my best mate, he'd tell the management and say what a crazy bunch me and Jade were.

 “Wanna hang out?”  Louis asked, staring at me like a lost puppy wanting it's owner. He held his hand out for me and we danced together, in time of the music. He was really hot. Katy, snap out of it, he'd never fancy you!

We danced together till Jade returned, holding Niall's hand. They were clearly smitten with each other.