Part 49 - Sound of drums

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I sat in the mess hall, my leg bouncing and my fingers tapping on the table, at a constant drum. I needed to get to Woodbury, I couldn't let them go in, me of all people know what the Governor is capable of. "They'll be okay Jess" Hershel interrupted my thoughts "You don't know that... I should be there... With them... By Ricks side" Hershel put his hand on my drumming fingers "Jess... They'll be just fine" My fingers stopped, my eyes everted to Hershel "You don't know that" I removed my hand from his, I stood up and walked off, I couldn't sit here, doing nothing, when I could be helping the others. Hershel called after me but I ignored him, I walked into my cell, grabbed my stuff and snuck out of the cell block. I quickly ran over to the spare car we had found. I opened the door and slung my bag, gun and baseball bat into the passenger seat and climbed in. The engine roared to life as I turned the key in the ignition, I turned the steering wheel and pulled away. From the rear view mirror, I could see Hershel waving his arms frantically, trying to stop me from leaving, I couldn't, I just couldn't.

It was getting dark, and fast, I needed to get there soon, I was close but I couldn't drive too close or they would see me, I had to sneak in. I climbed out of the car, grabbed my stuff and ran towards Woodbury. As I got closer, a rumbling sound grew louder, which upon further inspection became gun shots. I started sprinting towards Woodbury, not caring about my stealth anymore, I needed to make sure my family were okay. I slipped through the hole in the fence we escaped through last time. The small town was consumed in fire and smoke, people were screaming and running from the gunshots. I quickly scanned the area for Rick, totally oblivious to the nearing gun shots. My eyes focused through the smoke and saw a figure, I narrowed my vision, as if I was trying to zoom in on who I was staring at. Later I realised it was the Governor staring back at me, everything seemed to go in slow motion, I reached for my gun in its holster as did he, the moment lasted seconds, but it felt like minutes. I grabbed the gun and lifted it towards the Governor.

I went to shoot but I was pushed just as he shot at me, I was grabbed from behind and pulled into a building. I struggled to get free and spun around to see who it was "I told you to stay at the prison!" Rick shouted, looking at me with a saddened look in his eyes, he walked up to me and cupped my cheek "I couldn't stay there knowing you were going through this!" I replied back raising my voice a little, I leaned into his hand as he rested his forehead onto mine. "I don't want you getting hurt, the Governor he could have... He could have killed you..." I shook my head, took a deep breath in and closed my eyes "I'll be fine, if you got hurt, I don't know what id-" I exhaled, but kept my eyes closed. I was about to continue when a voice boomed from outside, causing us to jump.

"Now! All I want is for you to come out and talk!" The governors voice bellowed from across the road. I peeped through a gap between the wooden slats on the window, I saw the governor with his hands on his hips and a smug look on his face. Behind him I saw Martinez holding his gun at someone, I moved around to see who it was. He had Maggie and Glenn at gun point. "Mother fucker" I muttered under my breath, my fist began to clench, harder and harder. Rick approached me, "You trust me?" He asked, I immediately nodded my head as he continued "I need you to trust me... Follow my lead" I nodded as he took my hand in his and we exited the safety of the small dimly lit building and raised our hands, all guns were pointed at us, where were Michonne and Daryl?

Martinez grabbed Maggie by her hair and pointed his gun at Glenn, preventing him from advancing on Martinez. "Don't hurt her!" He screamed, the backs of his legs were kicked by another one of the Governors thugs , causing him to hit the ground "Don't hurt them!" I screamed causing their glances to move towards me. "Well, well, well... Isn't this fun?" The Governor questioned, still looking smug as before. "Rick... Give it up, you've lost and you know it..." Rick took a deep breath and grabbed me, his hand at my throat, I felt the cold metal of a gun barrel against my forehead "Rick?!? What are you doing??" I struggled to get free, what the fuck was he doing? The governor flinched, he called over one of his thugs who nodded and ran off. "Hey Governor!... You want her... Well she's no used to you dead is she?" Rick paused, he put his mouth to my ear "Follow my lead, were getting out of here" I didn't reply but I began to struggle, letting him know it was message received.

"Jess!" Someone shouted from across the road, walking towards us slowly with their hands up, it was a man, but that's all I could make out. The dim light of the fire and the street lamp illuminated his face. "Tom?" I muttered to myself, Ricks hand still at my throat, I stopped struggling for a moment. "Jess, its okay, come back with me ... You'll be safe here... And with you're help, we could make a cure" he said calmly, still walking towards us. So this is where Tom had left us for, he's a traitor, that's probably how the Governor got into the prison, as for the cure? They'd only pro and poke me with needles and probably take every drop of blood I had. "I'm not going anywhere with You" I spat, narrowing my glance, "That's far enough Tom! Don't make me shoot her, or you for that matter" he shouted as he pointed the gun at Tom, be began to back away pulling me with him, Tom stopped in his tracks. "When I say run... You run" Rick whispered to me, I nodded. He kept backing away "RUN!" He shouted, moving his gun from my head and pointing it in Toms direction, shooting some rounds before running.

We ran through Woodbury to the slot into the fence, I went through first and Rick followed after me "We have to back for the others!" I shouted, Rick held me back "No no no! Daryl and Michonne have that covered, C'mon we have to get the the meeting point" he replied taking his hand in mine, I followed him and we ran. We ran until we reached the meeting point which was about 2 miles away from Woodbury. By the time we had gotten there, the others were already there. Daryl was pacing up and down, muttering to himself. "Tom! It was Tom, he lead them in the prison, that fucking traitor I'll kill him!" I walked into the middle of the group and huffed, "Be my guest... That fucker deserves everything he gets..."

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