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Note: it's not exactly edited yet, I still haven't gained all of my writing motivation back yet from the reason I took the long break, so pls ignore the errors and I'll come back to edit it when I'm back completely! I promise!

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ACADEMY PARTIES WERE never really Sang Sorenson's scene. She loved the Academy and all it had done for her, but the parties were always so boring.

With a champagne flute in one hand and the other shaking the elderly Mrs Baxter's, her smile projected serenity while her eyes screamed for help.

She had nothing against Mrs Baxter per se; the old woman had been nothing but kind to her. Well, to her face at least. She had a knack for spreading gossip, not all of it entirely true, so Sang had to be careful of what was said around her.

"Sang!" Mrs Baxter cried, gripping her hand tightly; to the point where Sang's smile was more of a grimace. "You haven't been around in quite a while, the girls and I missed you!"

Oh, I don't doubt it, she thought, her cherry-red lips curving up into a forced smile. Mrs Baxter and the rest of the old ladies from the Wellman team seemed to have taken a liking to Sang, turning her into a so-called ' little lady'. They were good women, but Sang surely didn't miss all of primping and prodding that came along with them.

"I'm sorry Mrs Baxter, I'll try to visit more often," she apologized, although not all of it was true. "This past little while has been hectic on my team, what with the baby just passing all the major milestones and all."

Danny, the newest addition to their family, took them all by surprise. No one had anticipated his arrival, and when they got news that their was going to be a baby on the team, everyone was ecstatic.

He was an adorable little thing, with mommy's blonde hair and daddy's bright green eyes. Even though not all of them were his parents, the entire team thought of him as their own.

The old woman's stark white eyebrows raised at that. "Oh dear, I can't believe I forgot about that! How is the little darling?"

"He's wonderful," Sang said, thinking about Danny's wide, dimpled grin. "Just passed the two year mark. He's a little handful, that one. We brought him tonight, if you want to say hello."

Mrs Baxter tried craning her neck to look for them, which was a useless attempt considering she was even shorter than Sang. "Really? Where is he?"

"Last I saw, they were outside on the playground. Danny was getting restless in here."

Mrs Baker nodded, turning back to Sang. "Ah well, I can pop by and say hello later. How are you? What have you been doing?"

Dang it. Sang mentally kicked herself. She was hoping that mentioning Danny would get Mrs Baker to leave her side and find the little rascal.

Luckily, an arm suddenly draped itself across her shoulders, saving her from answering while simultaneously scaring the tar out of her.

"Enid," Dr Roberts greeted the woman. "I trust your night has been enjoyable so far?"

Mrs Baxter giggled, a high-pitched sound that was grating on the ears. It was no secret to anyone in the Academy that she had nursed a crush on Dr Roberts for years now, even though she's been married for over three decades, which was the main reason she and Dr Roberts' wife, Rosemarie, never seemed to get along.

"Hello Phil," Mrs Baxter batted her eyes up at him. "It has been, but it's much better now that you're here."

Dr Robert's grip tightened on Sang's shoulders. "I'm afraid we can't stay," he said, although anyone with an eye and an ear could tell that he couldn't wait to get away. "I promised the Anderson team that I would steal Sang from you so they could get a turn."

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