= Chapter 62 =

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" You're beautiful, just the way you are."

-Skylar Torres

I never believed that 2 seconds like 2 bullets could change someone's life drastically, to be honest.

Lying on the fall, gripping his arm in agony, squinting his eyes shut hoping that all the pain would disappear–the first bullet went through his arm. The boy I loved ever so deeply.

It's funny how the first time when I met him, all I ever wanted to do was shoot him. But, now, after everything changes–my feelings for him, I'm forced to make my first ever wish come through.

I had to think fast after shooting the first bullet. Eyeing the man who pressed the gun against my mom's forehead with greater pressure because I hadn't actually killed Jeremy, I shot his arm.

Wincing in pain, his gun went crashing to the floor.

Aiming my gun at Alec, he was ahead of me by also directing his gun at me.

"Good try, sweetheart. But you can never out smart me." He did one of his famous low chuckles.
Mentally smiling, I pretended to look afraid. He isn't the only person who is two steps ahead.

"Fine, Alec...you win but at least let everyone go." I begged, trying to keep the conversation going.

As much as I wanted this conversation to keep going, I knew it didn't need much time before the toxic would infiltrate Jeremy's blood. I needed to get him to a hospital urgently.

"And why should I agree to this?" Alec enjoyed my persistent begs and the power of being in control.

"...Cause you wouldn't want to get shot." Our heads snapped to the person who interrupted.

"Kai..." a smile spread itself across my cold cheeks as Kai winked at me in response.

"PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!" A whole army of policemen  pointed their guns at each person in the room.

"H-how d-did they find o-out??" Alec muttered, swallowing nervously.

I snickered at his expression which morphed into defeat and shock.

"I'm always ahead of you Alec Valentino."


"We need to get him into the EU as fast as possible, the toxic is spreading rapidly!" A female paramedic instructed her fellow colleagues as they rushed Jeremy, who laid on a stretcher, into the emergency unit.

Dashing after them, the female paramedic held me away from Jeremy who laid unconscious, his features resting peacefully.

"I NEED TO SEE HIM!! He's my—" she placed her hands on my shoulders, her dark eyes speaking calm words to me.

"I know dear, I know he means a lot to you but we need to carry out this operation, do you understand? I'll let you know if there's any new updates." She assured, squeezing my shoulders.

Nodding feebly, I felt like my heart had been ripped out.
I paused, taking a deep breath to calm my restless nerves.

"Will he survive?" As much as I didn't want to know the truth, I had to.

Her lips formed a straight line, her eyes contradicting her confident disposition.
"I don't know...it depends how far the toxic has infiltrated his blood. The shot was at his left shoulder which makes it nearer to his heart so..." she trailed, feeling slightly uneasy.

Suddenly there was an aura of grey around me. It was a mist that wouldn't rise. A state of depression that I couldn't see myself through.

A hand hugged me by the arm, pulling me close. "I'll take it from here, thank you." Jonah gave a small smile to the paramedic.

He led me out of the hospital, that seemed to be suffocating me. Throughout the walk out, I kept my head down with tears rolling down my pale cheeks.

"Where are you bringing me?" My voice cracked slightly upon speaking.

"How are you feeling?" He questioned instead.

"Helpless." I answered softly.

"That's where we'll be going! Harvey's cafe, just around the corner." He still managed to bring a slight smile to my lips.


" Where are the rest?" I wrapped my fingers around the curve of the  coffee mug, enjoying its warmth.

"The police is questioning them."

"How about me?"

"I asked them to give you some time with Jeremy first." He traced a pattern on my hand as he caressed my palm.

My hair cascaded down my shoulder like a curtain, covering the chaos within me.

Sniffling, I took the last sip of my coffee. " I have a question." Jonah broke the silence with a goofy smile, masking his true emotions.

"And what's that?"

"How did the police manage to get to Bronze Eagles hideout in time?" He rested his chin on his fist playfully.

"I had a microphone in my ear where Kai was listening to everything that was happening at that moment. It was our plan that he'll hint the police about this secret hideout. Thus, they came to the rescue." I explained, watching his chocolate eyes sparkle in excitement.

"Now my turn to ask!" I played along.

"Go ahead Tori." He encouraged.

"Why did you name yourself 3W! ?"

A smug look took over his lips, his fingers running through his hair.
"Well...I didn't want you to suspect that I was the clue-giver  so I had to make someone else the target. Now, flip 3 to the other direction and flip W! upside down, what do you get?"

Using a pen on the table, i wrote it out in the napkin. "Emi? What's that?" I suggested.

"More like who's that. Emi is Emily's nickname. Since Emily was your enemy, I decided to use that to my own advantage. " he admitted truthfully.

"I thought you liked her." I poured, hiding the grin.

"Sure I do, but before I didn't. Either way, we agreed to be friends with benefits...sort of." He smirked, as I rolled my eyes, not surprise by his play boy attitude.

"Thanks for this Jonah, we're good right?"

"We're better than good, leave the past in the past?"

"Agreed." I hugged him, placing a kiss on his cheek.

"I'm gonna head back to Jeremy, I can't–" he interrupted me.

"You can't stand to be away from him." He continued.

"You really love him, don't you?" He confirmed.

Pulling a strain of hair behind my ear, I looked into Jonah's eyes.
"...I'll never stop."

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