Not loving you is harder than you know (An escape the fate fan fiction)

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I know I have already done a max green and ronnie radke fan fic, but I got asked for another max green one. So I've decided to do an entire ETF fan fic so it feels less repetitive. I'll be doing POV's from the band and the average characters in this one. (BE AWARE: Because I was only asked for a Max fan fic, Kat and Max's POV's will be a little longer than the rest) I hope you enjoy!

[Kat's POV]

''YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK YOU, YOU ASS!'' I yelled as my blood boiled

''I would but I can't, I'd settle for you but I don't want aids!'' Max yelled from the top of the stairs. Ugh...Max, what a douche

''WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?!'' I said as I ran up the stairs

''Oh shit!'' I heard him mutter as he ran off

''Leave the boy be, dear cousin! For one should not risk messing up ones new manicure!'' Craig said in a weird old-timey british accent as he held me back, he was right though, my new manicure rocked.

''Dude, what's with the accent?''

''Fine! YO CUS'! DON'T SCHOOL MA HOMIE, I NEEDS HIM TO PLAY BASS!'' he said in a ghetto-gangster voice

I just rolled my eyes and walked back downstairs. If you're wondering why Max and I were arguing, it's because he put mayonaise in my underwear drawer for eating his last 2 oreos.

''What'd he do now?'' Monte said as he tapped the fish tank in the kitchen

I squeezed a lump of mayo out of my batman panties and into the sink, being too aggravated to just explain

''Really? All 'cus of his stupid oreos? Damn! Craig'll talk to him for you'' he reassured me. Monte was like the big brother I never had.

One of the many perks with living with your cousin, if his band-mates that also live in the house piss you off, they're gonna get a mouthful.

[Craig's POV]

I walked into the doorway of Max's room and looked at him sat on his bed as he tuned his bass.

''Dude, what's your problem? Seriously, you're like a kindergarten child, do you like her or something?'' I said in a serious voice

He looked down at his bass as his cheeks flared into a bright pink.

''Pfft, no...Why would you think that?'' He said in a less than convincing tone

''...Well, whatever! Just no more mayonaise in the underwear drawer? Keep it to a minimum of mustard in the sock drawer atleast!''

He grinned slightly at my comment.

[Max's POV]

I tried to shake off what craig had said, but it ran through my mind all day. So what if I played a prank on his cousin? And so what if maybe a did kind of like her? She was the only girl living in the house that was actually hot. So either way, she was gonna get picked on.

''MAX, CUPCAKES!'' I heard robert yell as he slammed the frontdoor behind him.

I ran downstairs to collect my cupcakes he had bought me and stopped when I saw that kat was stood there opening her red velvet ones.

She looked up from her cupcakes at me. ''Take a picture, it'll last longer'' she said.

Robert and Monte laughed to eachother as I walked towards them to get my cupcakes

''Pffff, shut up'' I muttered

''Kat and Max sittin' in a tree, K I S S I N G'' they whispered into both my ears. I just flipped them off, yet I think he may have heard as she shot Monte a look as they finished.

[Robert's POV]

As we stood there and teased Max, Kat's bestfriend Jessica walked through the front door. I had liked her for at least a year now, and I KNEW she liked me...Well, I hoped she did.

''Hey jess!'' kat said greeting her with a hug and a red velvet cupcake

'' 'Sup Biatch.'' I loved how cheeky she was.

I stopped teasing Max and walked over to kat and jess. I whispered into kats ear, asking her to help me impress jess. She just rolled her eyes and gave me a subtle nod.

''So robert,'' kat said helping me out ''I hear you like Avenged Sevenfold?''

''No way, they're my favourite band!'' jess said

''Really, I didn't even know!'' I said, but ofcourse I did know, I was keeping tabs on this girl.

''Hey, I'm going to one of their concerts up-town on saturday, wanna come?'' An A7X concert, in vegas, with a hot girl. CAN MY LIFE GET ANY BETTER?

[Craig's POV]

No one had even realized that I was upstairs with Gab discussing the custody plans over Leila.

''Craig...'' she sighed as she threw the pen she was chewing down onto my bed

''Yeah?'' I said as I read through the plan my lawyer had arranged

''I wanna give us another shot...'' she pleaded in her usual whiney tone

''What? No! You know I have a girlfriend now! An I'm happy with her, and the guys and kat like her, and so does leila, so n-'' I was cut off as she jumped ontop of me and attacked my lips with hers.

I pushed her off.

''What're you doing?''

She stumbled with her words for a few seconds ''F-FINE! I DON'T NEED YOU!'' she yelled as she stomped out of the room.

[Kat's POV]

I looked over jess' shoulder as she talked to robert and saw gabby stomping down the stairs.

''WHAT'RE YOU LOOKING AT!?!'' she hissed

''A whore...'' I muttered into my cupcake


I put up my head with a confident and cocky smile on my face ''I said I'm looking at a whore''

She walked over to me slowly, robert and jess backed up over to monte and max

''Ohhhh, cat-fight!'' max yelled

''Five bucks says that kat knocks out one of gab's teeth'' monte muttered to max

''Ha, you're on''

She slapped me.


With one swift movement I kneed her in the stomach and tugged her hair back so she was looking at me

''And nobody slaps the person who runs this house and fucking gets away with it'' I said with a smile.

I punched her in the mouth just so one of her teeth would fall out so monte could get his cash. The second one from the back on her top row of teeth fell out. And with this she ran out of the house covering her mouth

[Monte's POV]

''Ouch! Dude, pay up!'' I said with a victorious grin on my face

Max slapped 5 dollars into the palm of my hand and walked over to kat.

''You're pretty hot when you're angry'' he said, as smooth as ever.

''And you're pretty hot when you're not invading my personal space without permission'' she said grabbing her cupcakes and walking off. You'd think jess would follow her but she was too busy with robert.

''Ohh, dude, you just got burned!'' I said as I swiped my nose.

''Dude, shut up! K? She wants me!'' max said, trying to reassure himself that this was true.

''Yeah dude, SURE she does...'' The sarcasm dripped from my voice.

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